This YouTuber Has Genius Advice On How To Always Look Pretty And Polished

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Looking pretty and polished is something we women always want, and the following tips will make this goal easier for us to achieve.

If you're looking for practical and easy-to-follow tips on how to always look pretty and polished, you need to check out this YouTuber's videos. On her channel, The Feminine Universe, she offers some great advice on everything from picking out the perfect outfit to ensuring you’re never seen with chipped nails again. Trust us, after watching her videos, you'll feel much more confident in your ability to elevate your style and grooming game (we know we do)!

Have a Self-Maintenance Schedule

One of the best ways to always look polished is to have a self-maintenance schedule. This means making a schedule of maintenance habits and prioritizing them by things you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly.

For example, daily things could be maintenance habits such as having a good skincare routine that helps you address your skin concerns, as well as keeping your skin healthy and glowy. Weekly things could be maintenance habits such as getting your nails, lashes, or brows done, waxing, doing a mini facial that includes steaming, applying a face mask, or doing something like exfoliating your feet, a full-body scrub, etc. Monthly maintenance habits could be anything from hair trimming, coloring, or treatments like massages, in-depth and more targeted facials, and more.

Keeping these things on a schedule is essential because that way, nothing will get overlooked or forgotten because it slipped your mind that week. And when you keep up with your schedule, then your hair, nails, and skin will always look great. 

Set Aside Extra Time in the Morning To Do Your Makeup

If you want to always look polished, it's important to set aside extra time in the morning to do your makeup (even if you're just hopping on a Zoom call rather than heading into the office). This doesn't have to be anything complicated or something that would take you more than 10-20 minutes, unless you want to commit to something more in-depth.

You will be good to go with a little bit of tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation, mascara, powder, blush, some eyebrow gel to keep your brows in place, and a lipstick or a tinted lip balm for that extra flush of color.

Making just a little bit of effort in the morning, whether that's a more in-depth makeup application or just a touch of color, will definitely make you look polished and feel better about yourself as you start your day.

Elevate Your Look

Elevate your look by dressing up 25% more than what’s required for the occasion. It's not about having a lot of fancy clothes that you can't pair together and will end up sitting in your wardrobe waiting for the next special occasion to be worn. Instead, it's more about having a capsule wardrobe with key pieces you can mix and match to create different looks that will always make you feel and look polished and put together. 

"Buy less, choose well." – Vivienne Westwood

This includes investing in quality pieces for your wardrobe that will last you longer and make you feel more confident while wearing them. This could be anything from a great pair of jeans to a timeless little black dress, a sundress, quality basics like a blazer, and a great pair of black pants. It's also important to have versatile shoes that can be dressed up, such as a great pair of heels or some versatile flats or slightly raised sandals.

Find Your Unique and Individual Style

Knowing yourself and what looks best for you will make a world of difference in how you look, how you feel, and how others view you too. This is why you have to make sure your style is specific to you

So many times, people try to wear what looks good on others, and so many times, this makes them feel uncomfortable, insecure, or like they're wearing a costume. If you want to look pretty and polished, make sure your style is unique to you and that it works for your frame, your body shape, as well as the color and undertone of your skin.

For example, if you are a fuller woman, wearing something that looks great on a more petite woman can reveal more than you wanted and make you feel self-conscious. The same goes for a petite woman trying to wear something too oversized or boxy – it's just not going to work and will likely swallow up her frame instead of emphasizing her figure.

"Individual style is the correct balance of knowing who you are, what works for you, and how to develop your own personality." – Giorgio Armani.

Additionally, wearing colors that clash with your natural skin tone won't do you any favors. Some colors can make someone with a cool undertone look washed out and sickly, while others can make someone with a warm undertone look orange or muddy. Knowing which colors work best for you and sticking to a color palette that complements your natural coloring will help you dress better, look polished and put-together, as well as feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing.

Keep It Simple

At Evie, we definitely believe in this and think that it applies not just to fashion but also to beauty, hair, makeup, and everything else in your life. The simpler, the better. So when in doubt, go for universally flattering cuts and colors, such as a classic button-down shirt, cocktail dress, blazer, pencil skirt, and flattering pants, in black, navy, tan, and white.

Don't worry too much if you feel like you don't have a knack for combining colors or loud pieces such as prints and patterns. Stick to a monochromatic look or colors in the same family. Wearing a neutral color from head to toe, like black, navy, tan, white or even burgundy, will help you build a simple yet classy ensemble.

Choose the Right Accessories

Accessories are definitely important when it comes to always looking pretty, polished, and put together. Adding the right bag, jewelry, and even glasses to your outfit can really elevate your appearance and make you look more stylish. However, it's important to not go overboard with your accessories, as this can definitely make you look tacky and immature.

A great rule of thumb is to stick to one statement piece, such as a great pair of earrings, a statement necklace, or a fabulous handbag, depending on the occasion. Anything more than that, and you run the risk of looking like you're trying too hard or as though you're confused about what looks good on you.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Don’t forget to choose quality over quantity when it comes to accessories, as well as to choose timeless pieces that will last you a long time and will never fall out of style, such as diamond studs, pearls, crossbody bags, and classic black sunglasses, instead of going for cheap or trendy pieces that will likely fall apart after a few wears and will be old news next year.

Have a Signature Scent

A signature scent is a fragrance that says precisely what you want it to say about you. It's an extension of your personality, and it's a great way to make a lasting impression. Moreover, it's also an excellent tool to boost your confidence, as smelling nice can make you feel good about yourself. Not to mention, it can be intoxicating for those around you, which is definitely a bonus.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a signature scent, such as making sure that it's not too overwhelming, as you don't want to give people a headache. It should also be something that you truly enjoy wearing, as you'll be wearing it often. Lastly, it's a good idea to choose a fragrance that is appropriate for the occasions when you'll be wearing it.

If you’re not too keen on spending money on more than one perfume, choosing something fresh, lightweight, and versatile, such as a citrus or floral scent, is definitely the way to go.

Pay Attention to Details

The details are definitely important when it comes to always looking put together. This means making sure that your clothes are well-tailored and fit you perfectly, as ill-fitting clothing can make you look sloppy in an instant.

Paying attention to details also means making sure you don't leave the house wearing creased and wrinkly clothes, holding an old bag that looks shabby, torn, and has threads sticking out of it, as well as wearing dirty, scuffed, and worn-out shoes that make you look like you don't care about putting effort into your appearance.

Closing Thoughts

Always looking pretty, polished, and put together is definitely not as difficult as it may seem. By following the tips above, you'll be well on your way to looking like you've got it all together, even if you're only making a quick trip to the grocery store.

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