This Is The Most Attractive Female Jawline, According To Science

Do you agree? Is this the most physically attractive jawline a woman can have?

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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If you ask any random guy on the street what his definition of an “attractive” woman is, you’re bound to get a few different answers. Some guys might prefer brunettes, others might typically go for athletic types, and others would say they’ll always fall for a pair of pretty blue eyes.

Physical beauty is a tricky subject to talk about because it requires quite a bit of nuance. There’s certainly some amount of subjectivity when it comes to attractiveness – what we call our “type.” For example, while many women crush hard on the likes of Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, just as many find themselves ogling over Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill. But these “types” of guys couldn’t be more different.

And yet, there’s also a lot of objectivity when it comes to attractiveness. The reality is, while there are different types of attractiveness, whether or not someone is perceived as physically beautiful can often be boiled down to science.

Women have heard a lot (perhaps too much) about what makes a woman attractive; we know all about the ideal hip-to-waist ratio, how large our chest “should” be and how trim our waist “ought” to be. There's even a reported most desirable face shape. But did you know that there’s also a specific female jawline that’s considered most attractive?

The Most Attractive Jawline a Woman Can Have, according to Science

Dr. Jeremy Hunt, a plastic surgeon based in Australia, says to “picture the jaw of Angelina Jolie,” and there we have our example of what the most attractive female jawline looks like. “A slimmer jawline is considered to be a sign of attractiveness as compared to a square jawline,” he shared, though he notes that jawline preferences can vary between different ethnicities.

This certainly checks out – Angelina Jolie has long been considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Other examples of celebrities with this jawline (or at least a similar jawline), who are also seen as some of the most attractive women in their field, include Elizabeth Taylor, Marylin Monroe, Zendaya, Megan Fox, Lupita Nyong’o, and Keira Knightley.

Why Is This the Most Attractive Jawline?

What exactly makes this jawline – a strong yet delicate, tapered, V-shaped jawline – the most attractive one of them all? Aren’t there other types of jawlines that are beautiful as well? What makes this one special?

The reason this particular jawline has been dubbed the most attractive is due to the Golden Ratio, which is often used to calculate facial symmetry – the Golden Ratio is what many say causes us to find someone beautiful. And this jawline in particular seems to match up with the Golden Ratio more than other types of jawlines. “If you are not familiar with the concept,” says Dr. Hunt, “it is a standard mathematical way to measure the proportions of your face. It measures the ratio between one facial feature distance as compared to another – the golden ratio is 1.618.”

The more facial symmetry a person possesses (or the closer they are to the Golden Ratio), the more naturally beautiful they are considered. Further, Dr. Hunt shared that “There are certain studies that claim having an obtuse angle jawline combined with a contoured mandible makes your jaw look highly attractive.”

What If I Don’t Have That Jawline?

The good news is that there are plenty of other female celebrities we can point to who don’t have this specific jawline but are still widely considered to be incredibly beautiful, such as Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Selena Gomez. Still, if we don’t have what science has dubbed the “most attractive” jawline, we’re bound to feel a little self-conscious, even if countless other beautiful women also don’t possess that jawline. So what's a girl to do?

  • Try not to feel insecure or fixate on it. Like we said, there are many stunning women without this specific jawline. Whether or not your jawline matches up with the Golden Ratio template has no bearing on your worth.

  • Shift your attention to physical qualities that you like about yourself. Chances are, there are endless things that you take for granted that you can love, like your stunning smile, your gorgeous cheekbones, or your pretty eyes.

  • Appreciate the jawline you do have. Maybe you’ve never had any issues with your jawline (in which case, great!), or maybe you’ve always wished for a different jawline. Try to see your jawline as uniquely beautiful, reflective of your heritage and the many ancestors it took to get you here.

  • If you’ve always felt insecure about your jawline, consider doing jawline exercises (such as mewing) that will help naturally give you a more defined jawline over time without going under the knife.

Closing Thoughts

While a certain amount of beauty is objective, there’s quite a bit that’s subjective, especially when it comes to attractiveness. Even if you don’t possess that magical jawline, there are plenty of things to love about yourself.

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