The Most Ridiculous Outfits From Christine Quinn On 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

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Now that we've discussed the most stylish outfits from season 5 of "Selling Sunset", let's tackle the most ridiculous (notably, all worn by Christine Quinn).

If you aren’t familiar with the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, let me catch you up. It covers the personal and professional drama that occurs between the real estate agents of the Oppenheim Group that serves extremely wealthy clientele in Los Angeles. 

Like many of the reality stars on the show, Christine Quinn’s style has changed quite a bit since the first season. While she has always been the most over the top of the bunch, the first season featured more casual and practical looks of hers on occasion. The most recent season 5, however, showcased full-glam looks 24/7. And these days it would be rare to see her not sporting an obnoxiously bold designer piece of some sort. Her fashion this season certainly got us all talking… just maybe not always for the right reasons.

Let's take a look at Christine Quinn's most ridiculous outfits, from best to worst.

7. The Oversized Power Suit

Okay, while Christine’s style might usually be too costume-ish and over the top for our taste, this is one look we can get behind. The exaggerated shoulders give it that extra something she loves, but the choice of a business suit still keeps her looking very polished overall.

6. The Carrie

As much as we aren’t fans of the values promoted by shows like Sex and the City, we have to say we love how fun a tutu moment can be. So this Carrie- inspired look gets a thumbs up from us. 

5. The Cruella de Vil Cape

Was Cruella de Vil the goal? Because mission accomplished. But in all seriousness, this is actually one of Christine’s better looks. It’s over the top, sure, but it wouldn’t really be Christine if it wasn’t, right? But there’s a maturity to this look that some of her other outfits definitely lack. 

4. French Fry Purse Meets Houndstooth

This Barbie-esque look is definitely a choice. We’re not sure what the point of a French fry purse is or why every outfit of hers must be styled with platforms, but at least she nailed the color palette.

3. Bedazzled Purple Fur

What purple animal had to be killed for the making of this outfit? No, but seriously, faux or not, this jacket wouldn’t look good on anyone. 

2. A Disconnected Peter Pan Collar and Cat Eyes

christine quinn blue peter pan collar selling sunset netflix

As much as we want to like this look, it’s totally ruined by the fact that her collar isn’t connected to the rest of her top. What is going on? We sure don’t know. 

1. The Tea Party Look

Christine-Quinn-Wearing-Pink-Houndstooth-Dress tea party netflix

This look just does tea parties everywhere a disservice. There, we said it. We’re all for dressing up for a tea party, but this look is so far removed from British royalty and into costume world that it's practically laughable.  

Closing Thoughts

Christine definitely gives it her all when it comes to fashion. You’ve got to hand it to her for being so fearless. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes, well, not so much. 

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