“Sex And The City ” Is The Train Wreck For Modern Women

By Rotten Wildflower
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sex and the city the train wreck for modern women
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Betraying yourself and your boundaries never looked so sexy.

Last weekend I felt like watching something light on Netflix. I had never watched any episodes or movies of Sex and the City, and I felt like I could maybe last through the second movie, as it looked more appealing.

I kid you not, I had to take breaks while watching it because certain sentences and decisions in the movie completely set me off.

This entire series was supposed to represent female empowerment. It was supposed to represent unapologetic females who are honest with themselves and the world, and who go after what they want.

sex and the city 2 singing

In Sex and the City 2, the main character Carrie stood out to me the most, as she acted the most needy and pathetic. Despite being a childless woman of substantial age, she acted like an insecure teenager.

Red Flag #1 — Settling for a Husband Turns Out Well

The man she almost bullied into marrying her, “Mr. Big,” was reluctant to commit to her for years. If she was so “high value” and “strong and independent” as she claims to be, then she wouldn’t have waited on and settled for someone who clearly wasn’t that into her.

carrie and mr big at table

Red Flag #2 — Lying about Your Feelings Is Fine

Carrie is an ultra-manipulative liar. Whenever her husband asks her about what has upset her or asks her to share her negative thoughts, she claims that she’s fine — only to wallow in resentment for hours to come. A strong woman would have the guts to speak her mind — regardless of his reaction.

A strong woman would have the guts to speak her mind.

Red Flag #3 — Your Husband Will Forgive You for Cheating

Carrie goes on vacation with her girlfriends. She runs into her ex at a market in Abu Dhabi and goes out to dinner with him, dressed in a provocative outfit. She ends up kissing him, then crying about it and feeling sorry for herself. At the time, she felt that it was justified because she had been experiencing a bad phase with her husband. After confessing all this to her husband, he responds to her cheating by buying her a massive diamond ring and saying it’s totally fine — the most unlikely of realistic scenarios.

carrie and ex boyfriend

Red Flag #4 — Hide Your Desire for Motherhood To Keep Your Man

Carrie’s husband doesn’t want kids and never wanted them. He keeps saying that the two of them “make up their own rules,” and Carrie always fakes being enthusiastic about it, while her facial expressions are soul-crushing every time he utters that phrase. It’s apparent that she would have liked to have children but decided to step on her own throat — just to keep a man.

It’s apparent that she would like to have children but decided to stay quiet — just to keep a man.

This Isn’t Liberation

Imagine a young impressionable woman watching this and thinking that it’s perfectly okay to be a liar. That consequences are nonexistent. That dishonestly stifling your own desire to be a mother is the right choice.

Betraying yourself and your personal life goals, as well as lying to yourself and others just to keep one specific person — who doesn’t even care about you that much — is the definition of a pathetic life. All I see is a deeply insecure protagonist with slumbering daddy issues who’s willing to step on her own throat at all times and humiliate herself just to keep a man.

carrie near the door

Candace Bushnell, the writer of this series, recently admitted that she regrets not having had children. Her age now makes it impossible to ever conceive.

Does this mean that she regrets the propaganda she put out herself? Likely.

I just hope that young women watching this nonsense possess enough critical thinking skills to spot the lies and dangerous delusions.

Closing Thoughts

Deeply insecure females who humiliate themselves for men, worship money, and identify themselves solely through their achievements are not role models for women today — or ever.

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