The Definitive Guide To Why Male Feminists Are Sketch AF

The male feminist looks for brownie points in progressivism. He plays the part well and makes personal gain from it. He plays the good guy and uses it to cover up his bad guy traits.

By Simone Hanna3 min read
The Definitive Guide To Why Male Feminists Are Sketch AF

While the woman in his life slaves away every day for the life she unwittingly campaigned for, he continues to champion her, knowing her suffering alleviates his own. 

“Nice Guy” Syndrome

Oh, you know the one, the guy who acts like a gentleman, not because he was raised right, not because of his values, not due to common courtesy. No – he thinks it will get him laid. He’ll lead you on to think his actions are derivative of his utmost respect and adoration for women. But, had his mind been granted unfiltered access to his mouth, you’d soon find out his real intentions. In fact, the moment you do, and reject him, the “nice guy” immediately becomes the worst guy you’ve ever encountered in your life. 

He acts like a gentleman because he thinks it will get him laid.

Take it from me, I probably grew up with a higher male to female ratio of friends than I desired. It comes with its benefits, like all unique ways of life, but overall, it’s quite depressing. The closer I’ve come to relationships, the more I’ve witnessed many of my male friends become more hostile towards me. Of course, the friendship usually halts itself there, but hell hath no fury like a man in the friend zone

Modern Feminism Is Just an Alibi

Men are at liberty to view women as objects because modern feminism gives them the excuse to. Wanting cheap sex from strangers online is no longer considered creepy and perverted; no, supporting this behavior is supporting women in work! “Because sex work is real work!” Real work that harms every party involved, of course. 

By supporting the new culture of commodified sex, promiscuous men no longer are the “sexually depraved sinners” they once were considered, but rather men being gifted with what women have corrupted themselves. When men use the idea that “sex work is real work” to their advantage, they can never feel guilty about viewing porn or subscribing to sexual content online

Men become activists of women’s reproductive rights to escape the consequences of their actions.

The “soft feminist” trope also gives men the ability to engage in consequence-free sex. Men can become activists of women’s reproductive rights, spouting morally corrupt takes in the name of feminism. The male feminist will be able to justify abortion driven by inconvenience, all while sticking up for feminism. Never will this male have to face the consequences of his actions; no, he can justify, even celebrate the termination of human life – because he is a “male feminist.” He’ll exaggerate and tell you that women are not “incubators” for children and that it’s their freedom to have consequence-free sex, sex he will, himself, also be able to engage in. 

Women Take Up the Triple Shift 

Who runs the world? Girls! Well, at least that’s what the male feminist wants, and how could he not desire such a life?

With women being “strong” and “independent,” they can go to work, come home, cook, and clean, all while ALSO holding the main duty of caregiver – because that’s the empowering life she wanted, right? In search of genuine equality, many women have found themselves in an unequal division of labor in their adulthood. They wanted the career, eventually wanted the children, and of course, the male feminist awarded her this – and continues to expect everything from her, even if she works the same hours he does. 

In search of genuine equality, many women find themselves in an unequal division of labor.

Taking on the family, the job, and the housework leaves little time for leisure. Her husband is her equal, and she “wanted” that lifestyle. She wished to be viewed and treated as “one of the guys,” so her boyfriend never had to make the effort for dates, never had the opportunity to be her protector, heck, he never even had to pick up the full bill. And why would he? He was a “feminist,” and feminism allows men to view women as their “equals,” not just in the workplace, but even during the times when she doesn’t need an ally, but a savior. 

Prince Charming exists in fairy tales for a reason, and it’s because we all need rescuing sometimes. Prince Feminist doesn’t need to rescue the damsel in distress; instead, he can celebrate her promotion then ask when dinner’s ready.  

Closing Thoughts 

Women don’t want male feminists. Women want masculine men, ones who act as the warmth in their world when life begins to freeze over – women by their nature want to feel cared for.  But the male feminist doesn’t care about you – he only cares about himself. 

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