The Chicest Ways To Style A Monochrome Outfit This Fall

For many of the same reasons we love our favorite dresses, monochrome outfits are easy to put on, don’t require a ton of effort, and look great. Monochrome looks cover all style aesthetics, like coastal grandmother or ‘90s grunge, so you’ll likely find a way to incorporate this chic style into your fall outfit rotation!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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Monochrome outfits are quite simply an outfit based on one color, whether that is a subtle all-black outfit or a Barbie-core bright pink. In this style, the majority of your pieces should be matching in color – like a black top, black jacket, and black denim. However, monochrome looks are anything but boring. 

One of the key components of a successful monochrome outfit is variation. Don’t pair multiple black items of the same shape or material together. Instead, combine different fabrics to create a look that has dimension, while maintaining a color-coordinated overall look. Leather, silk, or satin items have a different finish than cotton or nylon, which makes these great materials to add a little spice to your monochrome look. 

And while monochrome looks can be worn all year round (love a good pastel monochrome in the spring!), this fall is a great opportunity to switch up your normal colors and add more monochromatic layers to your outfit. Autumnal tones of browns, tans, oranges, and blacks are the perfect colors to build a monochrome look with this fall. 

With that being said, here are the chicest ways to style a monochrome outfit this fall!

Business Appropriate 

If statement making is in your job description, try a monochrome look in the office. All-white looks, complete with wide-leg pants and a blazer, are a stunning contrast to typical workwear. Which is obviously a good thing, because workwear can get boring after a while. For something a little more classic, a black monochrome look is easy to put together with items you already have.  


Looking for an elevated gym outfit? Meet the monochrome athleisure look. Pair your favorite black leggings with a black workout top and black sneakers, or switch it up with a brighter color. It’s basically a matching set, but better! 

If you typically wear athleisure style while running errands or picking up the kids from school, the monochrome look is going to be your new fall favorite! One easy way to elevate your look is by adding a luxury fabric, like leather leggings, to add dimension to a sweater. Bonus points if your accessories also match – like a baseball cap, handbag or beanie!

Playing with Color 

Fall isn’t only pumpkin orange and darker neutrals. Fun hues of maroon, purple, and red have made their way into the autumn seasons, so don’t be afraid to build a monochromatic look based on a bold fall color!

In the example below, a simple tube top paired with purple cargo pants keeps the monochrome vibe, playing off each piece’s colorful purple tone! 

Monochrome’s Night Out

Everything you love about your best going-out look, but make it one color. Black bodysuits and black denim are an easy go-to, especially if you add a matching handbag and shoe. It’s classy, eye-catching, and requires minimal effort! And don’t forget layers! While going-out clothes are typically less coverage than your normal outfit, fall weather is still cold… even on girls’ night. A tasteful blazer or cropped jacket can add shape to a monochrome look!

Sweaters and Shackets

We love a classic feminine fit! Softer neutrals definitely have their place in the fall season, so feel free to pair them together. A short skirt and an oversized knit sweater (another fall fav) in the same hue is the perfect fall outfit for shopping, brunch, or a day date!

If it’s too cold for short skirts, the shacket has a special place in our hearts in the realm of monochromatic fashion. A neutral-toned shacket, even with a simple pattern, can be worn with a sweater and pants of the same earthy tone for a cute and casual look!

Super Sweet

Give your summer dresses new life with a sweater! You can easily layer a sweater over a dress to add warmth and versatility to your favorite wardrobe pieces. And… make it monochrome! The art of layering is surprisingly easy to master, and sticking to one simple color scheme makes it even easier. Simple neutral colors can be preppy or LA-girl chic, depending on the pieces!

Closing Thoughts

Monochrome outfits are a fun way to switch up your wardrobe for fall. A simple, but chic vibe is the goal this fall!

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