How To Wear Wide-Leg Pants Like An Influencer

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Influencers and it-girls have been all about wide-leg pants recently. Here’s how to style them to get the look.

Wide-leg pants can feel a bit daunting, especially if you’re used to slim-fitting styles, but when you know how to wear them, they can also be one of the most flattering styles you own. So break out those wide-leg pants you never wear, or go out and pick up a pair to hop on board with the trend because we’re going to walk through all the ways your favorite influencers are wearing the style.

The Fit

When it comes to wide-leg pants, the fit is crucial. If you’ve never worn a pair before, going into stores and trying some on to see what you like and don’t like could be very helpful, but as a general rule, here are some tips you should keep in mind. 

For my fellow petite ladies, you’ll want to go for styles that are still fitted in the waist, tummy, and upper thigh so you don’t get totally swallowed by all of the fabric! If it still feels a bit daunting because of your small frame, I recommend starting small, with a looser leg than you’re used to but not a super wide leg.

And if you have a curvier body type, another tip is to make sure that you’re choosing a pair that still has structure. Depending on your proportions, wide legs can be very flattering because they can help to create that hourglass figure if your top half is larger.

Balance the looseness of the pant leg with a form fitting top. Emphasize your waist – by tucking in your shirt and even wearing a belt – to create that hourglass shape.

The Fabric

The fabric you choose can change depending on the look you’re going for, the formality of the occasion, or even what you find looks best on your particular body type, but to be with the current trend, look for silky, lightweight fabrics.


Now that you have some general tips to keep in mind, here are some ideas for how you can style wide-leg pants just like all of the biggest fashion influencers.

Business Casual

One super on-trend way of wearing the wide-leg style is to get a pair with a very silky fabric and pair them with a simple button-down and some heels. 

The Parisian Way

But of course, if you want to give that business casual look a Parisian spin, take your professional ensemble, and throw it off balance a bit with a pair of nice sneakers. 

Winter Layers

Another great way to wear wide-leg trousers is under long, flowy coats. When you pair these two together you create an effortless outfit that looks chic, but it’s also going to be very comfortable. Who says sweatpants were the only way to stay cozy this time of year?

Knit Set

Want to combine two of the biggest trends right now? Go for a wide-leg knit set! It’s an instant outfit that doesn’t require extra thought and you’ll be super comfortable, while still looking incredibly stylish. I think that’s a win. 

White on Black

Feel like you’re overthinking it? Just pick up a pair of wide-leg black trousers and pair them with a white top (or vice versa). White and black are a staple combo that will always be in style. Plus you can easily dress this up or down to make it work for whatever you have going on. A versatile wardrobe is a well-used wardrobe!

Bring On the Shimmer

If you have a big event to attend and need a show-stopping outfit, a sparkly pantsuit with a wide-leg will do the trick. 

Laidback Chic

Feeling adventurous? An outfit like this is a fun way to play with the wide-leg trend. But you can also easily tone it down by leaving out the beanie. 

Spring Chic

Wide-leg pants are a perfect way to try out something new in your wardrobe this spring. Pair them with some color for a change, or even try out a pair that has a pattern. Just be prepared for compliments with an outfit this good. 


Another easy way to wear wide-leg pants is in a monochromatic outfit. Whenever you’re trying out a new style that feels a bit risky, try to make it easy for you to pair. Thinking of what you have in your closet that is the same tone is a good place to start. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble across wide-leg pants being sold alongside something meant to be a set! That makes it a million times easier. 

Keep It Casual

Of course, one way to get yourself used to the silhouette is to wear it in a fabric you’re already familiar with. For most of us that probably means denim. 


I think a playful – and Parisian – way to wear this trend is to mix some masculine and feminine elements in your outfit. 

For a dressier version, pair the more masculine suit with feminine heels, and then add a pastel scarf to give the outfit a little bit of feminine flair.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many different ways to embrace the wide-leg pant trend that you will be seeing it on all the it-girls of the fashion world. Whether you go for a professional or a casual look, wide-leg pants can be a fun way to freshen up your wardrobe and try something new.

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