The 14 Hottest Outfits A Man Can Wear—Ranked From Worst To Best

Let’s be real for a second: Men don’t care about fashion nearly as much as women do. While women go out of their way to learn how to dress for their body type and study trends, many guys rely on one or two suits for formal occasions and whatever they can find at Costco in bulk for the rest of the time.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read
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Don’t get us wrong, there are exceptions to the rule. While some men certainly care about fashion, it also doesn't mean that just because he follows the latest trends that he looks any more attractive than a man who has an effortless style aesthetic. Some simple looks are sexier than elaborate outfits (*cough* Timothée Chalamet on the red carpet), which is why we asked our readers about some of the hottest things men can wear.

14. Hoodie

We don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something about wearing a hoodie (hood up, of course) that makes any guy instantly hotter. Maybe it’s because we can tell it’s comfy and can’t help but wonder what it feels like to wear it – there’s nothing cozier than rocking your man’s hoodie, after all.

13. Gray Sweatpants

Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cozy sweaters, gray sweatpants are a staple of fall. To put it as simply as possible, gray sweatpants are the male equivalent to leggings and yoga pants. They highlight what’s flattering without exposing too much (or any) skin, proving that sometimes less is so much more.

12. Backwards Hat

Wearing a hat backward is breaking one of the most mundane rules ever, and we can never get enough of a rebel or a bad boy who likes to break the rules. We trace it back to the troublemakers in middle school and high school, and though it’s very bro-y, it’s hard to deny its attractiveness.

11. Cowboy Hat

There are two types of women in this world: Those who love cowboys, and those who are lying to themselves. Cowboys represent a type of rugged masculinity that we just can’t get enough of. He doesn’t have to be wrangling cattle or taming horses to channel his inner Kayce Dutton – the cowboy hat is enough to embody this aesthetic.

10. Leather Jacket

We can probably trace it back to our childhood crush on Danny Zuko from Grease, but a leather jacket gives off bad boy vibes that make the temperature rise. Whether he rides a motorcycle or just likes it as a stylish way to stay warm, there’s something sexy and mysterious about a guy in a leather jacket.

9. Henley

Henleys are not only timeless, but they’re a good middle ground between a t-shirt and dress shirt. It highlights flattering parts of the male body like the broad shoulders, chest muscles, and arm muscles without being too tight or showing off skin, basically making them the male equivalent to a fitted turtleneck.

8. Flannel, Jeans, and Cowboy Boots

We’ve already covered the classic cowboy hat, but we can’t help but think the flannel and cowboy boots (with pants like jeans or casual chinos, duh) combo is hotter. It gives off a slightly more rugged and masculine vibe, like a sexy country singer meets hardworking rugged cowboy…which we’re pretty sure is impossible to resist.

7. Military Uniform

No matter what branch he’s in (or if he’s Chris Pratt or Miles Teller playing a military man in a movie), we love a man in uniform. The recent popularity of Top Gun: Maverick is proof that our society still craves patriotism and masculinity, i.e. we still love military men!

6. Athletic Uniform

We’re attracted to athletes and athletic men for obvious reasons. From baseball pants to hockey sweaters (yes, they’re technically called sweaters, not jerseys), an athletic uniform is a sign of a man competent, quick on his feet, and skilled. It’s time to admit that even shoulder pads look good on football players.

5. Polo Shirt

Whether he wears it to work, casually, or to go golfing, a polo shirt is a go-to shirt for many guys. It’s flattering on most (as long as he doesn’t pop the collar, we’re not 15 anymore) and works for different aesthetics and styles like preppy, professional, and athletic. We love a guy in a good golf outfit, but the polo shirt is always the star of the show.

4. Crewneck Tee

Similar to a Henley, a well-fitted crewneck is flattering on most guys by highlighting the arm, shoulder, and chest muscles. The key is for the crewneck to be well-fitted – anything ill-fitting, unless it’s meant to be oversized, is inherently unflattering. Well-fitted crewneck tees are so simple and underrated, proving that a little flattery goes a long way.

3. Tuxedo

The outfit is usually reserved for formal occasions (making it the most formal on this list) like weddings, and the formality and rarity of the ensemble just add to its charm. It’s designed for any guy to look his best, making any man as confident (and look as good) as James Bond.

2. Button-Down Shirt, Blazer, and Dress Pants

It’s a step down from a suit but enough on the formal side to turn heads. This look works at work, cocktail hours and semi-formal weddings, making it one of the most versatile outfits on this list. This outfit is the perfect way for a guy to show off his personality through his style, making it a fun way to get to know him. The blazer also emphasizes his manly shoulders.

1. Well-Tailored Suit and Tie

It's not as formal as the tuxedo, but the tie and perfect fit of the suit are what make this look so handsome. It’s classy without being pretentious, and it takes style, confidence, and swagger to pull it off. Henry Cavill rocks these suits better than anyone, instantly making them our favorite.

Closing Thoughts

From simple yet well-fitted tees to a tailored suit and tie, there are a variety of outfits that can help any man turn heads when he walks into a room. From country to preppy, there’s nothing like a well-dressed man.

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