Henry Cavill Might Be The Perfect Man

It seems like a good man is hard to find these days. You’re more likely to stumble across a frog than a prince, and it’s getting a little depressing.

By Erica Jimenez2 min read
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But then, a man like Henry Cavill comes along, and you think, maybe not all the men are terrible. I mean sure, he’s probably out of most of our leagues, but a girl can dream, right? Not only is he dreamy in pretty much every role ever, but he’s apparently a huge nerd and loves his dog Kal. (Yes, named after Superman. Swoon.) So let’s go over what (in my opinion) makes Henry Cavill the closest thing to the perfect man we may ever find.

1. He’s a total hunk.

Let’s start with the obvious. Henry Cavill is pretty well known as one of the best looking guys in Hollywood. I was first introduced to him while he was on The Tudors, a raunchy STARZ show set in the court of Henry VIII. He played a notorious lothario, who has quite a few naughty escapades in the show. I thought then that he couldn’t get any hotter. I was wrong.

In December, any ladies out there who had somehow gone without noticing Henry Cavill’s existence were brought into the light thanks to Netflix’s The Witcher (an excellent show outside of its incredibly good-looking cast). His character, Geralt of Rivia, is a man of few words and even fewer emotions. But his good looks and physical prowess had even the most anti-masculinity feminists among us swooning in delight. 

Not only is his character masculinity personified, but the way Cavill developed the role tells us a lot about who he is besides his amazing muscles and perfect face. But like, really, it’s a great face.

2. He's a total nerd.

If you weren’t aware of the levels of nerdiness that Henry Cavill has achieved, he made sure the entire world knew when he released this hilarious and somehow incredibly sexy video of him putting together a new gaming PC. There’s nothing I love more in this world than a man with a good sense of humor. So please, if you haven’t watched the video yet, enjoy:

His obsession with gaming doesn’t stop with seductively putting together a computer (although that seems to be a skill in and of itself). He says video games help him relax from the hectic life he lives, and sometimes the video games actually help with his acting career. He had already played the video game Witcher 3, which is based on the same books as the show, two and a half times before finding out Netflix planned to make it into a live-action show. He even contacted the studio once he found out about the project to try to get involved. Little did he know that he’d be cast as the lead character.

3. He's a total animal guy.

No attractive man would be complete without a healthy love for animals. One of his passion projects is serving as an ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting endangered species worldwide. Cavill used to visit their park on his native island of Jersey in the English Channel as a child. 

When he’s not trying to save the world, he has a dog who’s ready to try. His dog, Kal, presumably named after Superman’s true name Kal-el, is the perfect sidekick for the perfect man. He takes his dog everywhere, even the gym! Apparently Kal was on set with him for The Witcher daily, and you have to admit that’s pretty adorable. 

4. He’s a total gentleman.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, Cavill says he doesn’t date much and is more interested in long-term relationships. Um, sign me up? He says he’s a "total sucker for confident women." Having to deal with people in entertainment has helped him value people who are confident in who they are. "The whole world is filled with people uncomfortable in their skin. So someone who hasn't got a front on is very attractive. I don't date much. I'm more of a relationship guy."

Closing Thoughts

I hope I’ve convinced you today, if you didn’t already know, that Henry Cavill is not only an incredibly good-looking guy, but he may have a thing or two to teach other men on how to be the perfect man. Good work, Henry.