Supermodel Naomi Campbell Accused Of Editing Her Photos And Instagram Users Think It's "Sad"—"Worst Photoshopped Pic I've Ever Seen"

It seems even supermodels are editing their photos. Naomi Campbell was accused of using photoshop after she uploaded a picture of herself on Instagram – here's how people are reacting to it.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Supermodel Naomi Campbell is being accused of editing her pictures after she uploaded a seemingly Faceturned version of herself on the 'gram. She captioned the photo, "VF #oscars .. thank you to my team on this last minute dash to #LA," followed by several tags.

"1st pic is the worst photoshopped pic ive ever seen," commented @_monamatt_.

Another person (@abigailsfs) wrote, "You don't need filters!!! Keep it real Queen!"

@celebface, a popular Instagram account that exposes the reality of filters and plastic surgery, posted a side-by-side of the image Naomi shared with the unedited version. The model still looks absolutely stunning in the unaltered photo, so it's unclear why she (or her PR team) chose the filtered one. "well this is sad," said @snejananana.

"God help us if even Naomi thinks she needs this. She’s flawless as is. No edits needed," added @tysonbriana.

Celebrities are known to sneakily edit their pictures for social media, and young women often view these images under the impression that they're all natural. It's sad to think that some of the most famous women feel the need to digitally alter their beautiful faces. We sometimes think that the near-perfect models, influencers, and actresses are confident in their own skin. The truth is, many of them have insecurities, too – and it's possible being under the spotlight only makes them even more self-conscious.

Naomi Campbell Opens Up about Her Self-Image Issues

When Naomi was asked in 2018 about the stars who frequently showed off their bodies on social media, she admitted to being "self-conscious" of her figure. "That's them. That's what they want to do," she told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. "I can't do it. I've always been self-conscious of my body. When I first got to New York, if I wore something tight, I would wrap a cardigan around me to hide my back. That's how I've always felt. It took me years for me to feel comfortable doing lingerie."

But the runway model also understands that beauty isn't just reserved for the external, and she's learned to be more grateful toward her body. "I’ve learned, too, not to take my body for granted," she shared with British Vogue. "Some people think that I push myself too hard, but today I know my limits: I know when I have to take time out. I’ve learned not to feel guilty about staying in bed when I’ve spent several weeks at work; I now know how to lie on the beach and just let the day go by."

Naomi continued, "For me, it’s all connected – I need a healthy body for a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. I know that what comes from within is projected outwards.”

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