Kendall Jenner Posts Creepy Alleged Photoshop Fail—"What Is Going On With Her Hand?"

Kendall Jenner posted a series of snapshots on Instagram, but people noticed something strange was going on with her fingers in one of the images.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Kendall Jenner

The Kardashians and Jenners have been accused many times of using Facetune and photoshopping their pictures. This time, Kendall Jenner was suspected of a photoshop fail when she uploaded a series of images of herself on Instagram. 

The fourth pic displays Jenner in a revealing bikini as she squats. Users noticed something was off with the model's hand as they examined the photo. Upon closer inspection, the 27-year-old's fingers looked freakishly long and discolored.

"her hand in the first pic looks AI generated," says @akaxnene. 

"What is going on with her hand on the left pls 🤣," comments @BidiBhatta_90.

One user on the 'gram asks, "What up with that hand tho?"

Last year, the high fashion model faced scrutiny for purportedly photoshopping her waist –despite already having a thin physique. Jenner faced backlash for triggering "body insecurity" among social media users and fans. 

Kim Kardashian has also come under fire for allegedly editing her photos. One TikToker named Caroline famously did a "reverse photoshop" on Kardashian's picture to show how the celeb edited her neck to appear smaller. 

“Kim K is notorious for photoshopping out her traps,” Caroline said. “Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller?” We're wondering the same thing – why do the Keeping Up with the Kardashians girls feel the need to digitally enhance their figures when they’re already so fit? 

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