Quiz: Which Fall Color Will Make You Look The Prettiest This Season?

Fall fashion typically brings the moodiest hues, comfiest fabrics, and most effortless patterns to our wardrobes. But if looking your best is also on the fall style agenda, this quiz will help you find the perfect fall color for the most vibrant version of you!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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While our main goal for the fall is drinking as many PSLs as we can, we want to look our absolute best for any of the many autumn events we have planned this season. Just as you likely have a signature color for the spring and summer seasons, there is a fun fall color that will highlight your best features. 

Even if you love neutral tones of cream and black for the colder months of the year, the upcoming fall is an excellent opportunity to invite a touch of color into your closet. From dark hues of green and purple to muted oranges and deep browns, fall tones are a great way to take inspiration from the changing scenery around you! 

So whether you need inspo for your next fall manicure or shopping haul, there is a color result on this quiz that will bring out your prettiest self. Ready to see what color you need to add to your fall wardrobe

What colors do you gravitate toward for fall?

  1. Neutrals 

  2. Earth tones

  3. Shades of gray and black 

  4. Deep reds and oranges

What is your most worn piece from last fall?

  1. Knit cardigan

  2. Dark wash denim

  3. Plaid blazer

  4. Chunky loafers

What matters most to you in choosing fall outfits? 

  1. On-trend combinations and pieces

  2. Soft and cozy

  3. Warmth against cold temperatures

  4. Accessories, accessories, accessories! 

What is your hair color? 

  1. Blonde

  2. Brown

  3. Red

  4. Black

What is your eye color? 

  1. Blue Eyes

  2. Brown Eyes

  3. Green Eyes

  4. Hazel Eyes

What is your skin tone? 

  1. Fair to Light

  2. Medium

  3. Olive

  4. Deep

What is your undertone? 

  1. Cool

  2. Neutral

  3. Warm

What color do you wear most during the spring and summer?

  1. Blue

  2. Pink

  3. Yellow

  4. Orange


Once you’ve answered all the questions, tally up your score before moving on to the results. The number range that describes your score will help you find which fall color will make you look the prettiest this season! 

8-15: Olive Green

If you have a lighter complexion and hair color, ultra-dark tones can often wash out your best features. Allow us to introduce you to olive green, this season’s prettiest shade for blondes and lighter skinned ladies! This cool-girl approved color fits any fall aesthetic and is smoothly incorporated into your wardrobe with accessories, jackets, sweaters, and more. Olive green (or one of its adorable variations) is a great way to add soft color into your minimalist wardrobe without stepping outside the earthy, autumnal color palette. 

16-21: Autumnal Brown

The neutral lover’s fall delight is this gorgeous deep brown tone! Easy to pair with cream and black, this dark neutral shade will bring out the highlights in your hair and eyes. The shade of brown is comfortable and approachable, adding the perfect Gilmore Girls touch to each of your outfits. It’s also a naturally slimming color (much like black) and is effortlessly styled for the workplace, the pumpkin patch, or even a fall wedding. You look gorgeous!

22-26: Rust Orange 

Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! The rust orange shade is going to be everywhere this season, including your wardrobe! Quintessentially autumn, this muted orange is perfectly paired with cream or black for an effortless outfit. This shade will bring out the brightest features of your skin and hair, drawing attention to your vibrant flush throughout the season. 

27-31: Muted Pink

Barbiecore is here to stay, which means a soft and dainty shade of pink is a necessary touch to your neutral fall outfits! This muted pink brings out the feminine color in your cheeks and freshly tanned skin. A delightful fall hue, a muted pink is a great option when you want a sweet shade that is perfect for both casual and formal wear. To transition this color into the autumn season, choose pink pieces like jackets or sweaters to pair with other classic fall pieces in a neutral tone. This color will highlight your best features without sacrificing the coziness of fall! 

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