Tired Of Barbie Pink? Try One Of These Trendy Nail Colors For Fall

With mani trends changing and unusual colors becoming more and more popular, this fall seems like it's going to be all about experimenting with your nails.

By Simone Sydel3 min read
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Summer is officially coming to an end, so retiring the Barbie pink nails and transitioning towards fall trends is in order. Perhaps to be expected from the boldness and popularity of the Barbie palette, this fall seems to deviate from the usual warm and cozy colors with many daring color palettes slowly but surely making their way into mainstream nail looks.

Worry not, though! The classic fall colors are certainly not going anywhere, and you can still rock your nudes, browns, and burnt oranges this season. However, if you have been looking to upgrade your nails with a more daring hue, this seems to be the season for it.

We have compiled a list of the 17 hottest fall nail colors, from rich browns to classic nudes, and a few edgy hues that are coming out of retirement just in time for the colder months of the year.

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Barely-There Nude

A classic shade that will make your mani look polished on any occasion, the barely-there nude is a fantastic way to give your nails a break from all the bright colors and add a touch of sophistication!

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – Put It In Neutral, $12

Truffle Nude

Warm, cozy, and suitable for all complexions, truffle nude with its peachy undertone is the perfect shade to transition your manicure from summer to fall.

Product to Try: J. Hannah Nail Polish – Agnes, $22

Earthy Gray

Gray is a color that's definitely having a moment this fall, so adding a cool, earthy vibe to your manicure will certainly make you a trendsetter!

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – It's Ashually OPI, $13

Stone Gray

Embodying the tranquility of a foggy fall morning, a stone gray mani is just the thing for when you want to add a little bit of an edge to your nails.

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – Destined To Be a Legend, $12

Desert Suede

The perfect balance of warm and cool tones, a desert suede manicure will bring an earthy, laid-back vibe to your style while keeping your nails chic and polished.

Product to Try: Gucci Glossy Nail Polish – Annabel Rose, $33

Leafy Green

If you want to go bolder and brighter, opt for yet another super hot color this fall: leafy green. This eye-catching hue is perfect for making a statement and looking stylish at the same time!

Product to Try: Gucci Glossy Nail Polish – Melinda Green, $33

Muted Green

A muted green is the perfect shade to welcome the colder months of the year while bringing a unique touch to your mani.

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – My Studio's On Spring, $12

Denim Blue

While bright blues are more of a spring and summer shade, darker hues like denim blue will perfectly match a cozy outfit like a chunky knit sweater and your favorite pair of jeans.

Product to Try: Paintbox Nail Lacquer – Like Rain, $22


For the ultimate edge, opt for this beautiful charcoal gray that's coming out of retirement and will surely be seen on every "it girl" this season!

Product to Try: Essie Nail Polish – Caught In The Rain, $10


The darker twist to summer's hottest nail color is the perfect transition into the coziest season of the year.

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – You Sustain Me, $14


Moody, mysterious, and likely to get you into the fall spirit as soon as you apply the first coat, a plum shade is definitely the way to go if making a statement is on the agenda.

Product to Try: Nailtopia Nail Lacquer – Berry Spicy, $10

Eggplant Purple

If you’re looking for a truly unique color that seems to be making a comeback this fall, paint your nails with this gorgeous eggplant purple!

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer – Mariachi Makes My Day, $12

Neon Red

Red is the hottest color this fall, as we continue to see its rise in popularity in everything from accessories to clothing pieces. So, why not reflect the trend in our nail color too?

Product to Try: Sally Hansen Nail Polish – That's A-Blazing, $7


You can almost smell the delicious scent of cinnamon in this brownish-reddish hue! A mani in this shade is just what your fall wardrobe needs.

Product to Try: Sally Hansen Nail Polish – Tea Time, $10


Warm, earthy, and a tad bit edgy, rust is the perfect way to bring your nail look up-to-date with the latest trends.

Product to Try: Lights Lacquer Nail Polish – Mrs. Robinson, $11


And, of course, you can't talk about fall nail colors without mentioning the classic chocolate shade that goes with absolutely everything, including your Starbucks cup.

Product to Try: Londontown Nail Lacquer – Oud Mood, $16

Fall Skittles

Finally, if you can't really make up your mind but still want to stand out by wearing fall's hottest nail colors, go for a mix-and-match mani in shades such as purples, mauves, taupes, and browns.

Product to Try: Kiss – Gel Fantasy Sculpted Fashion Nails, $9

Closing Thoughts

Besides the classic nudes and browns, this fall seems to be about digging up long-forgotten nail colors and adding some edge and personality to our mani. So, whether you decide to play it safe and welcome the colder months by sticking to the seasonal classics or feel like you're finally ready to experiment with something bolder and non-traditional for fall, these nail colors won't fail to deliver!

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