These Men On Twitter Are Calling Margot Robbie "Mid"

You heard that right, folks. Margot Robbie – the real-life Barbie doll – is apparently "mid."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Certified Barbie girl Margot Robbie has occupied millions of people's minds since portraying the role of Naomi in The Wolf of Wallstreet. Her captivating blue eyes, blonde hair, and sex appeal left viewers mesmerized when she graced the screen. That was back in 2013, exactly a decade ago, when Robbie was only 23 – and according to many, she looks pretty much the same.

This article is an opinion piece.

Robbie could, undoubtedly, elicit a nervous reaction in a lot of men if she looked in their direction, for obvious reasons: She's talented, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered numerous tweets calling the Barbie star "mid." Mid, as in mediocre, average, low quality, boring, etcetera.

"This is her without makeup," writes @NicholasVerola, sharing a photo of the actress with minimal cosmetics. "Definitely mid."

Another guy, @KILLTOPARTY, adds, "Margot Robbie was cast in Barbie explicitly because she isn’t pretty enough to alienate a female audience."

Then, when social media users came to defend Robbie, he kept responding with the same comment: "Where are her big Barbie doll t*ts?" Might I add that Barbie is a PG-13 movie and not a porno.

Another anonymous user – @bizlet7 – adds, "She is a hard 7. You used to find a Margot Robbie in every Blockbuster Video in 1995." Interesting how many of these accounts are almost always anonymous, I wonder why they can't confidently show us their faces.

Maybe they're all trolling or projecting because they're insecure. Or, I have another theory: Social media and porn has warped their sexual preferences to the point where they deem natural-looking girls as "unattractive." Judging by @KILLTOPARTY's incessant need to see "Barbie t*ts," it seems to me that you have to resemble an AI-generated woman with perfect dimensions, or an adult film star with large breasts and a BBL for guys like him to see you as attractive.

At the end of the day, they are all entitled to their opinions (even if they're obnoxious), but when you look at these guys' tweets, you'll find their entire social media personality is critiquing the looks and behavior of numerous women. It's their whole gimmick, and if their primary goal was to create one of the strangest debates of this year to generate followers, then they've achieved it.

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