Kat Von D Says She's "On Fire For Jesus" After Getting Rid Of New Age Books

Kat Von D reveals on a podcast that she and her husband began questioning everything in 2020 and that she's now "on fire for Jesus."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Last month, Kat Von D went viral after getting baptized at a church. The announcement came one year after Von D threw away her books on witchcraft, the macabre, and tarot cards. According to the tattoo artist, she has never been more aware of the "spiritual battle taking place" and wants to surround her family with "love and light."

In the latest episode of Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey, the 41-year-old opened up about her beliefs. While Von D formerly embraced the new age teachings, she claims she was never a witch but began looking into "new age stuff" once she reached her 20s. "I think people like to, especially the media, they like to sensationalize stories and make them a lot more extreme than they really. I was never in a cult, I was never a witch," she told host Allie Beth Stuckey.

Elsewhere in the episode, Von D says she started questioning everything in 2020 when her husband would show her certain articles regarding political things. "I started kind of re-evaluating, kind of going down the list of what I'm doing with my life and what my perspectives are. And then it got to the part of my spirituality, and that's where I started really rethinking a lot of things. I think a friend had sent me a sermon from Pastor Jack Hibbs, and I loved it. It really spoke to me, and it answered a lot of questions that I had." Von D began to study the bible and embraced Christianity.

Von D's parents are also Christians, and she credits her dad for her newfound faith and lifestyle. "I'm on fire for Jesus. I don't plan this dimming out. The more and more I learn, the more and more excited I get about things," she added.

I'm on fire for Jesus.

When asked about her preferences or practices that people don't usually tie in with Christianity, specifically her awesome Dracula aesthetics and Halloween, she explains that she's very sound in her belief. "I'm sober, and I used to do drugs and drink, and I no longer do that. I can be around it and not be tempted, but I choose not to be around it, especially the drug stuff," she explained, later adding, "I don't like using the term 'dark stuff' because I don't really consider it dark, but if [Halloween] it triggers you, then just don't participate in it."

Say what you want, but Von D is going to keep rocking on. "I don't think Jesus would be bummed at me for listening to The Cure," she joked.

The tattoo artist's openness about her faith and refusal to conform to stereotypes is incredibly refreshing, especially when Christianity has been under attack as of late. I also love how she's actually challenging notions that your style is an indicator of faith just by being herself. And she emphasized that meaningful and spiritual changes take place internally – not externally. When the two women touched on style and how some reformed Christian women would post their before-and-after images of their outfits (which typically going from revealing to modest), Von D said, "I think that the more meaningful changes happen, at least for me, I mean, there are just groundbreaking changes that happen internally."

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