Kat Von D Throws Out Her Books On Witchcraft Because They "Don't Align With Who I Am And Who I Want To Be"

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There are many celebrities out there who have either flirted with witchcraft in their art or have outright participated in occult practices. Kat Von D's brand has been intertwined with witchcraft and the macabre for as long as we can remember, but she has decided to take a different turn in her life.

In a recent Instagram post, Kat Von D announced that she's shifting her life around these days. We're used to seeing her associated with the macabre, which is the symbolism and general atmosphere involving the dead and anything gruesome. Her outfits, tattoos, and even makeup brand have all flirted with the macabre and witchcraft, but this seems to be coming to an end.

Kat Von D Throws Out Her Books on Witchcraft

Kat shared a photo of her library as well as some books that are about tarot cards, witchcraft, and mysticism. She wrote a thoughtful caption about her "pretty meaningful realizations" and why she has decided to get rid of this kind of content in her home.

"Today, I went through my entire library, and threw out books that just don’t align with who I am and who I want to be," she wrote. "I’ve always found beauty in the macabre, but at this point, I just had to ask myself what is my relationship with this content? And the truth is, I just don’t want to invite any of these things into our family’s lives, even if it comes disguised in beautiful covers, collecting dust on my shelves."

She made it clear that she doesn't want to "put anyone down" if they're still into witchcraft and the macabre, but she is just making this decision for herself and her loved ones.

"It’s never been more clear to me that there is a spiritual battle taking place, and I want to surround myself and my family with love and light," she continued. "With that being said, I want to send extra love to everyone out there, and hope through some of these trying times, you are making meaningful changes in your life, too!"

She didn't elaborate on the spiritual battle she's witnessing, but it seems like she's ready to make some changes in order to better protect her family from as much darkness as she can. The comments were overwhelmingly positive, and many praised her for her openness.

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