The Best And Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2023

A-listers this year went all out for Halloween – here are some of the best (and worst) costumes of 2023!

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Hate them or love them, some of the biggest stars this year dominated Halloween. Some of your favorite (and least favorite) stars have once again embraced the spirit of spooky season, turning the annual event into a fashion spectacle. So if you've been wondering which celebs had the best and worst costumes this year, look no further.

Best Costumes 

Adele As Morticia Addams

Adele went dark mode at her Las Vegas concert this weekend. As she sang her iconic songs, she wore a long black wig, bold makeup, and a black gown.

Keke Palmer As the Bride of Frankenstein

The popular TV personality transformed into the Bride of Frankenstein, while her son portrayed Henry Frankenstein in the 1935 cinematic rendition of Mary Shelley's renowned masterpiece. From the hair to the setting, Keke Palmer killed it as the Bride of Frankenstein.

Kelsea Ballerini As Barbie

The country-pop singer wore Margot Robbie's pink two-piece outfit from the Barbie movie, and we're glad she did!

Shay Mitchell As Elphaba

Shay Mitchell dressed up as Elphaba while her adorable daughter embodied Glinda from Wicked. Their costumes were so good that their photo looks like the real poster.

Ed Sheeran As Chucky

Ed Sheeran as Chucky the doll. It just makes sense.

Paris Hilton As Britney Spears

Paris Hilton showed up to the Casamigos party in Beverly Hills channeling Britney Spears. She wore the blue flight attendant costume from the "Toxic" music video.

This month, Spears made headlines after her new memoir, The Woman In Me, uncovered secrets from her past relationship with famous figures. She reflected on her friendship with Paris Hilton and described her as one of the "kindest" people she's ever met.

Ice Spice As Betty Boop

Ice Spice may not have the cleanest songs, but at least her Betty Boop costume was polished.

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz As Rosemary's Baby

Sure, their costumes may be low effort, but at least Kravitz and Tatum went the creative and funny route. It seems the engaged couple keeps their romance alive by making each other laugh. "He [Tatum] makes me laugh, and we both really love art and talking about art and the exploration of why we do what we do," Kravitz told GQ's 2022 Men of the Year issue. "We love to watch a film and break it down and talk about it and challenge each other."

Demi Lovato As Snow White

Demi Lovato stunned as Snow White. Her beautiful complexion and bob really matched her beautiful dress.

Kim Kardashian and North West As Cher and Dionne from Clueless

The SKIMS founder showed off hers and her daughter's Clueless costumes for this Halloweekend. Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos on Instagram dressed as the '90s classic Clueless. Kim sported Cher Horowitz's classic plaid yellow skirt set, while North donned Dionne Davenport's black-and-red version.

Megan Thee Stallion As the Alice in Wonderland Flower

One of my favorite movies growing up was Alice in Wonderland, so imagine my surprise when I saw Megan Thee Stallion decked from head-to-toe in vines and petals. It's different, fun, and creative.

Florence Pugh As Guy Fieri

What can I say? The black roots, ugly goatee, jewelry, and the glasses are perfection.


Chloe Bailey As Daenerys Targaryen

I don't remember that outfit from the Game of Thrones. Did I miss an episode?

Justin and Hailey Bieber

I don't know what their costumes are. Justin is typically wearing oversized clothes, while Hailey looks glammed-up, so maybe they just went to the Halloween party dressed as themselves.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly As Ryuk and Light Yagami

Introducing the Wal-Mart version of Ryuk and Light Yagami from Death Note.

Kendall Jenner As Marilyn Monroe

Kendall Jenner opted to go the more simple route, but I think it ended up making her costume look boring. Her hair is nice, though.

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