We’re Calling It: This Is Going To Be The Number One Halloween Costume This Year

Pink (!) is all the rage this year due to the release of the Barbie movie, and we already know that this Halloween will be filled with Barbies from all stages of the iconic toy’s history to the movie’s best looks. If you loved the movie or simply want an excuse to don as much pink as possible this October, Barbie is calling your name.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
Warner Bros. Pictures/Barbie/2023
Warner Bros. Pictures/Barbie/2023

The Barbie movie featured a wide range of pink looks and lots of Barbie glitter, so we’ve compiled the three top looks from Margot Robbie’s character to channel this Halloween. With a combination of fun pieces, items you already own, or pieces you need an excuse to buy, these costumes can be recreated on any budget. And, oh, bonus points if you can get your friends or your Ken to dress up with you! 

Here’s how to copy Barbie’s best looks this Halloween! 

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Pink Cowgirl Barbie

The Stereotypical Barbie is the most relevant due to the movie’s popularity and if you've been a fan of the coastal cowgirl trend over the last year, the pink cowgirl outfit she wears to the Real World may be your perfect fit. It is easily one of our favorite looks from the film, and requires items you probably already have in your wardrobe like cowboy boots and a hat!

To build this look, you’ll just need a few bold pink pieces and lots of sparkle!

ASOS Emory Park Fitted Tailored Vest, $56

ASOS Emory Park Tailored Slim Flare Pants, $73

Forever 21 Knotted-Trim Cowboy Hat, $20 

Wonderly Bishop Boots, $90

Dream Weaver Printed Bandana, $30

MC Collective CZ Starburst Jacket Earrings, $60 

Pink Gingham Barbie 

When she wakes up in her own pink world, Barbie chooses to wear girly patterns like pink gingham and heels. Undeniably the most iconic look from the movie, everyone will know exactly who you are with this classic Barbie outfit! 

Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023
Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023

You’ll need a pink gingham dress to build your look on, and while the one from the movie is super cute, this style of vintage skirt is hard to find. However, choosing a modern silhouette won’t take away from the actual costume, and you can wear it again and again! 

Windsor Style In Check Gingham Skater Dress, $30

BCBGeneration Tie Front Dress, $138

FashionNova Kiss And Tell Pumps, $30

Barbie Inspired Flower Necklace and Earrings, $35

Dance the Night Away Barbie

Before the existential crisis and crushing thoughts of death, Barbie dances the night away on the spontaneous dance floor at her Dreamhouse. A sparkly jumpsuit is a must-have piece for this particular Barbie costume, as well as a head full of curls and a bright pink lip! Lean into glitter and metallic accessories to complete this stunning costume. 

Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023
Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023

Lulus Endless Glow Silver Sequin Strapless Mesh Jumpsuit, $84

Windsor Alluring Glamour Sequin Jumpsuit, $75

Aureus + Argent Isha Elastic Cuff, $45

Free People Dash Hair Clips Set of 6, $24

ASOS Truffle Collection Pointed Stiletto Heels, $57

Group Costume 

If you typically dress up with a group of gals, Barbie is an adorable group costume idea, especially if you all choose a different Barbie! Exercise Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, even Weird Barbie (we all had one of those!) – the possibilities are quite seriously endless. It would also be fun to dress up as the Barbie version of each of your jobs, like Mom Barbie, Teacher Barbie, Doctor Barbie, etc.

You can also opt for the Barbie-In-A-Box costume idea as well. This ‘90s costume rendition is a fun way to exercise your crafty side, and it leads to lots of fun photo opportunities. 

He’s Just Ken

Couple costumes can often feel redundant, but the Barbie and Ken duo deserves the spotlight this year (even if everyone else is doing it!). To show your man that he is Kenough, he needs a great and on-theme look to match you at your Halloween festivities. Whether he wants to look ready to rave in his Mojo Dojo Casa House or needs to do his very important job of beach, there’s a look for every type of Ken you know.

Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023
Warner Bros. Studios/Barbie/2023

To recreate Ken’s opening look from the movie, he will need these pieces! A matching set of swim trunks and camp shirt are essential, but they need to be an obnoxiously bright color! 

Old Navy Printed Swim Trunks, $26 | Old Navy Short Sleeve Printed Camp Shirt, $30 

Banana Republic White Sneakers, $80

Closing Thoughts

Barbie may be the most popular costume this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't make the most of it and participate. Find a Barbie that matches your personal style, grab your Ken, and have fun!

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