Julia Fox And Fake Socialite Anna Delvey Are Real-Life Friends And They’re Working On A New Project Together

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If you’re a fan of pop-culture, your social media feed is probably filled with memes relating to both Anna Delvey and Julia Fox. In a plot twist that nobody asked for (but also makes total sense), Anna Delvey and Julia Fox are friends in real life.

Julia Fox made headlines earlier this year for her short-lived relationship with Kanye West, which landed her an interview spot on the Call Her Daddy podcast. When host Alexandra Cooper asked Fox about being Kanye’s muse, Fox answered, “I mean, I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.” Though the statement wasn’t anything to write home about, the way she pronounced the words "uncut gems" quickly became a meme. Everyone from Shay Mitchell to Gritty, the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers, got in on the trend.

Fox recently said that she only dated Kanye West to "use him for the hustle," so it makes sense that she’s friends with fake German heiress Anna “Delvey” Sorokin. Yes, the same Anna “Delvey” Sorokin of Inventing Anna, who has likely flooded your social media feed over the past few weeks with her hilarious yet delusional one-liners.

inventing anna dumb socialite

In a strange twist of events that none of us had on our 2022 bingo card, the two “hustlers” are working on a project together.

How Anna Sorokin and Julia Fox Came To Be Friends IRL

The internet first heard of Fox and Sorokin’s friendship after Delvey wrote a piece for Insider detailing her initial stay in prison, her current experience in ICE custody for overstaying her visa, and her thoughts on Inventing Anna and the media circus that has surrounded her since her initial arrest in 2017. 

In part, she wrote, “No — it doesn't look like I'll be watching Inventing Anna anytime soon. Even if I were to pull some strings and make it happen, nothing about seeing a fictionalized version of myself in this criminal-insane-asylum setting sounds appealing to me.”

inventing anna genuis is rare

Fox shared the Insider article on her Instagram story, writing, “my dear sis @theannadelvey is killing it behind bars. Always impressed!” The post garnered attention and raised questions because nobody knew they knew each other.

Apparently, the women met during Sorokin’s brief period of freedom between being released from prison and going into ICE custody. In an interview with the New York Times, Sorokin spoke of how she and Fox became friends. She said, "We actually connected on Instagram when I was out, and we DM'd a bit, and then she jumped on my Clubhouse, which was really random.”

Sorokin continued, "I was answering people's questions about my experience, and she made the forum so much better. She asked all the right questions. We have a similar sense of humor. She was never judgmental, and we've stayed in touch ever since."

In the same interview, she mentioned that she and Fox were “working on a little something together” but didn’t give any more details.

What Could Their Project Be?

Before we can possibly even wonder what their project could be, we have a few other questions: How are they working on something with Anna in ICE custody? What about if (and likely when) Anna is deported back to Germany? Are they trolling us? If so, is it cringey or iconic?

inventing anna I am famous

We likely won’t get answers to those questions any time soon, but we know that Fox and Sorokin have a mutual love of art. Fox famously painted her own blood on silk (we wish we were joking), and Sorokin wanted to start the Anna Delvey Foundation to make an exclusive club for artists. Maybe the two are working on an art project? Maybe a book on how to become famous? Either way, we can’t wait to see what the two “hustlers” create together.

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