JoJo Siwa Accused Of "Stealing" TikTok Influencer's Song—Here's What We Know

JoJo Siwa is under fire after being accused of stealing a song from a singer and influencer named Emeline.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

JoJo Siwa is under fire for reportedly "stealing" a song from a singer named Emeline.

Siwa – known for previously being a kid-friendly performer – has made a dramatic shift with the release of her new dance-pop song "Karma." The music video features an edgier Siwa dancing with female dancers, starkly contrasting her former persona, signaling a full rebranding effort from "good girl" to bad.

In a video uploaded by Spill Sesh on TikTok, Siwa is seen celebrating the premiere of her music video. In it, she introduces a song to the crowd. Spill Sesh captioned the video, "JoJo Siwa plays a new song about her ex." However, the popular gossip channel doesn't explicitly say it's Siwa's song.

The singer doesn't claim the bop as her own either. In the clip, the former Dance Moms alum says, "This is a song – I want you to listen to a very special adlib because it is about one of my exes. And I will sure as hell point it out when that adlib comes, don't you worry. This next song is called 'Choose Your Fighter.'"

Audience members on the platform began questioning who was singing the song.


People soon realized that "Choose Your Fighter" was written and sung by a talented content creator named Emeline. She has over 700,000 followers on TikTok and made a viral video about her song in 2022.

"you gotta laugh. she literally stole someone’s song from 2022 and is putting it out as her own💀," wrote @katiesversion89 on X (formerly Twitter).

The same user shared a screenshot of a new comment from Emeline, which reads, "Hi 2024 fans, I'm going to make a storytime soon. i actually didn't sign off on it coming out with jojo (not her fault). if my version gets love, i can still put it out after hers. thx for the support."

Others on X speculate that Emeline sold the song. "I’m pretty sure she sold it but she commented that she didn’t sign off on it coming out with jojo," commented @soitgoestaylor_.

@cruelinnocent added, "hi legend i’m a music business major at school so this is right up my alley! buttttt basically how this happened is columbia records (jojo’s label) bought the song and jojo’s a&r representative would’ve been the one to find it and give it to jojo since she isn’t a songwriter…"

Siwa has yet to respond to the allegations.

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