Jacob Elordi Says He's So Used To Being Nude On The Set Of 'Euphoria' That "It's Like Getting Naked In Front Of Your Family"

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HBO's award-winning show "Euphoria" has been on everyone's mind since the season 2 finale on February 27, especially because so many of the actors have come forward to discuss what it's like to be nude so often on set.

Jacob Elordi plays Nate Jacobs on HBO's Euphoria, opposite Sydney Sweeney and Zendaya. He recently said that he had no problem with the long working hours that he experienced on set, claiming that everyone including director Sam Levinson worked extra hard and they were all in it together. His latest comments about his experience on set of Euphoria came when he sat down for an interview with Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show.

Jacob Elordi Says He's Used to Being Naked on Euphoria's Set

After discussing his homeland of Australia and the deadly creatures that inhabit the country, Ellen asked him what it's like to be nude on the set of Euphoria. "You're naked a lot," she said. "How does that feel?"

She asked if he is given any warning about being naked in front of the camera or if it's more of a surprise for him as an actor.

"You have no choice," he said with a smile. "Every scene is like, 'He sleeps with this person, he does this with this person naked.'" Jacob said there have been moments on the set of other films in which his character is supposed to go to the mall naked. "And you're like, 'Why?'" he joked.

But specifically on the set of Euphoria, Jacob said he expects to be nude as Nate Jacobs. "I think on Euphoria it comes with the territory of the character," he added. "He's this ultra-masculine, macho jock so those guys tend to get around pretty shirtless."

Ellen also asked if it was any different for women than it is for men; she assumed that the producers might ask "Do you mind being naked on camera?" before assigning nude scenes to a woman. We know that both Minka Kelly and Sydney Sweeney have asked for some nudity to be removed from their character's script because they don't feel like it's necessary for them to expose themselves in order to tell the story.

"We have an intimacy coordinator," Jacob said. "She's like a second mother" who is always asking if they're ok, if they're comfortable, what they need, etc. He also noted that it's been the same crew through seasons one and two, which makes it a bit easier to feel at ease.

"It's like getting naked in front of your family," Jacob added. "Which is weird." The audience laughed in response.

As popular as Euphoria may be, it certainly makes us stop and question why there is so much nudity in the scenes. Is it really crucial to the storyline of each character? Or is it more for shock value? This show is one that reminds us just how numb our culture has become to such a high level of nudity available on TV, particularly when it comes to telling a story of high-school teenagers.

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