“It Girl” Sofia Richie Ushers In The Classy Young Wife Era

Tossing out your “club clothes” and googling “how to dress like Sofia Richie,” are you? These symptoms may be the result of too much time on TikTok.

By Anna Hartman3 min read
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Is the classy young wife era the latest positive to come from our generation’s obsession with social media? Maybe so. We’re certainly not complaining though. Sure, Sofia Richie may have generational wealth, supermodel genes, and an unlimited amount of resources we can’t even pretend to wrap our minds around, but she is this season’s fashion icon nonetheless

Her elegant outfit combinations and minimal makeup GRWMs have gone viral since she said “I do” last month. With a slicked-back bun, low kitten heels, and neutral capsule wardrobe that is tailored to perfection, she has become what people are calling “quiet luxury,” “stealth wealth,” or “old money.” Whatever your choice of trendy hashtag, it’s clear that she has made a giant impression on a generation of women looking to elevate their style. 

Although critics on TikTok argue that the only reason that Sofia Richie has become everyone’s latest style muse is because her dad is Lionel Richie and her items are designer, others push back against that narrative, offering another take on why she has risen to fashion fame so quickly. One TikToker, Alli Vroman commented on the above video, “I think some people don’t understand her ‘style/aesthetic’ – it’s about evolving and maturing your style as your life changes.” One thing that comes along with age and growing into your “own” is elevating your wardrobe, and that’s something that we can all relate to, celebrity status or not.

It’s clear that Sofia Richie’s new look is so shocking to fans because her style has changed drastically from when she initially entered the spotlight. With space buns, Kardashian-adjacent bedazzled bodysuits, and tops that would rival the most well-known “Instagram baddies” out there, she didn’t start out as a timeless and sophisticated style icon. But can’t the same be said for us? I’ll speak for myself when I say that if photos of me from when I was 17 years old resurfaced, I’d be gasping for air. Teenage me? She certainly didn’t appear to be a “classy young wife.” She looked more like a cheap club dancer who worshiped neon pink and Forever21. 

When Sofia Richie and Scott Disick broke up, it was obvious that she was looking to pivot her lifestyle and attract a better quality man, and what’s one way to do that effectively? I can hear the “free the nipple” feminists screaming at their screen as I type this, but the answer is clear: class up your style. A man worth having isn’t a man who wants the woman he is with wearing outfits with her boobs hanging out, undies on display for the world to see. Sure, there are men for those girls, but I promise you, they aren’t the ones you want.  

Even if Sofia Richie’s new look is less of an intentional “rebrand” and more of a natural style evolution, you can’t stop the waves of influence on our society. Her mark has been made, and the ladies are in formation, ready to follow suit. There have already been countless women recreating her outfits from her wedding weekend and honeymoon with items they have on hand or scouring the internet and finding the exact (very pricey) pieces she wore. 

Some are going as far as to predict that the Kardashians will be shifting their style moving forward due to the impact that Sofia Richie has had on social media. It’s no secret that the infamous sisters are in desperate need of a rebrand after the latest Balenciaga scandal with Kim, and this might just be the answer they’ve been searching for. 

So what should a girl do? What if you’re ready to elevate your style, leave your loser ex in the past, and upgrade to “classy wife” status? The truth is that even if we have $11 in our bank accounts, we can still learn how to embrace the “old money” aesthetic and emulate the latest it-girl’s classy, young wife style. How, you ask? Well, the convenient thing about this aesthetic is that it doesn’t require flashy brand names or ultra trendy pieces. At the very core of this lifestyle is timeless, classic fashion and beauty, and an attitude that truly anyone can access. 

Take this as your sign to raid your mom’s closet or your local Goodwill for vintage jewelry, neutral basics, fitted trousers, loafers, and kitten heels. Instead of pieces that will fall apart in one use (looking at you, fast fashion) or leave little to the imagination, focus your attention on quality fabrics and feminine silhouettes that flatter your body, and ensure that every item fits well. We can argue what counts as “modesty” all day long (because it clearly means different things to different people), but the modesty that Sofia Richie displays is proof that dressing classy doesn’t have to be boring or “vanilla.” 

I have no doubt that 17-year-old Sofia Richie would be proud of the glow-up she’s experienced in the past seven years. From hanging on Scott’s arm at a gaudy nightclub and cheating allegations surrounding their relationship, to lounging on yachts in the South of France with a giant rock on her finger and a glow no one can ignore, it’s no wonder why women around the world are intrigued and inspired by her transformation. 

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