TikTokers Are Destroying Their Balenciaga Items, While Kim Kardashian Has Yet To Sever Ties With The Brand

Balenciaga’s name is no longer associated with high fashion after they released their heinous Gift Shop campaign. Even users on TikTok have begun burning and cutting up their expensive clothes by Balenciaga (and Adidas), parting ways with their once favorite brand – unlike Kim Kardashian.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Balenciaga’s Gift Shop campaign featured small children holding teddy bears in bondage gear. If you’ve been following the story, you know that that’s not all. In an even more shocking twist, the brand hid documents and books on virtual child porn, violent art, and more. Even the CEO of the company owned a site that sold "art" of child mannequins with erect penises on their faces. Despite all of this, Balenciaga ambassador Kim Kardashian has yet to part ways with them.

Kim’s net worth currently stands at $1.8 billion, according to Forbes – she doesn’t need Balenciaga. TikTokers, on the other hand, aren’t billionaires like the SKIMS founder. But they’re smart enough to cut ties with Balenciaga, even going as far as to destroy their luxury bags, shoes, and sweaters. Let’s take a look at what social media users are doing to protest the brand’s disturbing affinity toward child abuse and pedophilia. 

@singlemomattorney Destroys Her Tote Bag

"I'm extremely embarrassed to say that I gave $1,500 to a [child sex] company," @singlemomattorney says. She adds: "There is just no PR team that is going to get them out of this one." In the short clip, the influencer can be seen grabbing a pair of scissors to cut up a grey Balenciaga tote bag.

One Woman Says Goodbye to Adidas

@Tumamii__ cuts up her Adidas items with a pair of scissors as well. "Never wearing Adidas ever again!" she writes in her caption. "Yes I know some people might say I could donate my adidas but honestly I don't want to see someone else wear them! PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!"

Balenciaga Sneakers Ravaged by Fire

A viral video showcasing a pair of Balenciaga shoes getting burned amassed 75,000 likes on TikTok. "And don't reply saying it's a waste a money," the caption on the clip says. "That sh*t come and go."

Artist Sets Fire to All of His Shoes

Artist Omi In A Hellcat shared a video of himself burning all of his Balenciaga sneakers. It's difficult to say how many shoes exactly are destroyed in this clip – but it looks like tens and thousands of dollars worth of sneakers.

Compilation of Angered Individuals Bidding Adieu to Balenciaga 

There are many more videos of individuals on TikTok and Instagram cleansing their wardrobes of Balenciaga. Here’s a short compilation.

Closing Thoughts 

After Balenciaga caused public outrage, they issued an apology and filed a lawsuit against North Six Inc. Just one week after filing, Balenciaga dropped the $25 million dollar lawsuit against the creative company. Some believe it’s because the minds behind the Gift Shop campaign were actually an inside job. Whatever the case, no action is being taken – celebrities are mostly silent, it seems there are no impending investigations within the company, and ambassadors continue to remain with Balenciaga.

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