How To Style A Sweatshirt In A Feminine Way

Ever wonder how every girl on Instagram seems to look effortlessly stylish in loungewear, yet when you throw on your favorite sweatshirt, you feel like you're giving off more of an Adam Sandler vibe?

By Anna Hartman2 min read
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There's a science to styling a sweatshirt in a perfectly feminine and cool girl kind of way, and no one is talking about it. While we certainly could reserve our coziest crewnecks and joggers for the perfect WFH uniform, why should we have to? If, like us, you don't want to look like a slob next time you throw on your prettiest pink crewneck to leave the house, we've got some quick and easy styling hacks to cover.

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Now, if you're rolling your eyes and asking yourself why you would even want to wear your loungewear in public, remember that even Princess Di knew the power of a great quality sweatshirt when dressed up with accessories. Whether it's Sunday and you're looking to step up your game day gear, you're meeting the girls for a casual brunch, or you're embarking on a long travel day, we're breaking down eight outfit combinations to elevate your look and style your sweatshirt in a feminine way. Let's get into it.

With a Midi Skirt

Whether you've got a classic black silk skirt or a pleated and shimmery cream one, this is one guaranteed way to make your sweatshirt ultrafeminine. You can even take it a step further by dressing it up with ballet flats or heels, or keep the aesthetic cool and casual with comfy sneakers.

With a Turtleneck

Claw clip? Check. Gold hoops? Check. Sunglasses? Check. If you've got a white, black, or tan turtleneck in your closet, this is a super easy way to make your crewneck look on-trend and chic.

With a Button-Up

It's official, we've reentered our prep school era. The button-up is back, and it's its most fashion forward when popping out from underneath a crewneck. Style this two-piece combo with straight leg jeans, trousers, leggings, or your favorite mini skirt. The options are endless.

With a Blazer

Want to keep things business casual? Dressing up a cool crewneck or hoodie underneath a blazer ensures that you're ready for both Friday in the office and happy hour with the girls downtown afterward.

With a Tennis Skirt

Did you fall for tenniscore this past year? Us too. Put that white skort or tennis dress to good use by layering your sweatshirt over top. Add some cute girly touches like matching bows in your hair, a pretty shoulder bag, or lace detailed socks with your sneakers.

With a Long Coat

If you're into the full loungewear look (our collection has matching joggers too), a long wool or trench coat is the perfect accessory. Whether you're heading to the airport or Thanksgiving dinner with your siblings, a long coat over a matching set is the most stylish way to elevate your entire outfit without compromising on comfort.

With a Belt

Easiest way to dress up your crewneck? With a belt, your favorite pair of pants, and some cute shoes. We're willing to bet that every girl has those staples in her closet already.

With Trousers

We're going to end here with the most "it girl" way to style your sweatshirt in 2023: with a pair of trousers. Add a baseball cap, a simple shoulder purse or tote, and your shoe of choice. Tres chic, indeed.

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