How To Make Combat Boots Look Feminine

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How To Make Combat Boots Look Feminine pinterest

Feminine and combat boots? Sounds like a contradiction in terms. But I promise, it’s possible.

Combat boots can honestly be one of the hardest things for a woman to pull off. Especially if your style is more feminine, it can easily make you feel like they're a little too edgy for you. 

But if you think that combat boots are only for the Olivia Rodrigos and Gigi Hadids of the world, think again. I promise they’re much more versatile than you think. You just have to style them the right way. And luckily, I have a list that's sure to have something on it that could work for you. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking combat boots around town like there’s nothing to it! 

Feminine Accessories

combat boots feminine accessory scarf fashion jackson pinterest

Source: Fashion Jackson via Pinterest

One way to easily make an outfit more feminine that was feeling a bit too emo teenager for you, is to add feminine accessories like a pretty scarf or nice handbag. 

combat boots feminine accessory beanie caitlin covington pinterest

Source: Caitlin Covington via Pinterest

A cute option for fall and winter is a beanie with a cute pom. Her bright white one helps contrast her dark boots and leggings. Click here to shop our faux leather leggings list!

Pair Them with a Dress

combat boots sweater dress mckenna rieger pinterest

Source: Mckenna Rieger via Pinterest
combat boots spotted dress merricks art pinterest

Source: Merrick’s Art via Pinterest

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to dress more femininely is to wear a dress. Pick a neutral color or a pattern that has black in it, so the combination flows better. If you’ve racked your brain for how to make your boots look more feminine, try them with your dresses and see if they work with some you own. 

Slip on a Skirt

combat boots skirt kammy almeida pinterest

Source: Kammy Almeida via Pinterest

You might not be wearing a lot of dresses this time of year, especially if you tend to gravitate toward the sundress variety. If not, there’s always a simple skirt. Cold weather you say? Add tights and a sweater, plus, try these tricks

Fitted Silhouette

combat boots leggings maria vizuete pinterest

Source: Maria Vizuete via Pinterest
combat boots leggings lauren meyers pinterest

Source: Lauren Meyer via Pinterest

Remember when I said leather leggings were going to be a fall and winter staple? Here is more evidence. (And some other ideas on how to wear them if you need some help.) That fitted silhouette is going to be much more feminine than, say, baggy jeans. 

Silk Is Your Friend

combat boots silk skirt style salute pinterest

Source: Style Salute via Pinterest

Leather is typically regarded as a more masculine or edgy texture, so make it more girly by making an unexpected pairing with silk. Hello, perfect winter outfit. 

Balance with Light Colors

combat boots white coat jaime shrayber pinterest

Source: Jaime Shrayber via Pinterest
combat boots white sweater kammy almeida pinterest

Source: Kammy Almeida via Pinterest

Black is neutral and super versatile, but it can also feel overwhelming or a bit harsh if you aren’t used to wearing it. Bringing in lighter colors can help make your outfit feel more feminine when wearing a chunky boot like the combat style. 

Go Classic

combat boots plaid coat fashion jackson pinterest

Source: Fashion Jackson via Pinterest
combat boots camel coat thalita ferraz pinterest

Source: Thalita Ferraz via Pinterest

Classic styles should always be your default when you’re struggling with what to wear. Time and time again, they’re going to work for you. And that even goes for combat boots. It can help to tone them way down, but still leave you with the cool girl edge you see Gigi Hadid rocking all the time. 

Pretty in Pink

combat boots pink coat society 19 pinterest

Source: Society 19 via Pinterest

Pink is obviously considered a feminine color. I mean, it’s universally what we use to distinguish baby girls from baby boys. So it makes sense that adding pink to your outfit could so quickly make combat boots look ultra-feminine. 

Try Out Brown Ones

brown combat boots brown jacket fashion jackson pinterest

Source: Fashion Jackson via Pinterest
brown combat boots brown sweater michelle tomczak pinterest

Source: Michelle Tomczak via Pinterest

Hey, if the black combat boots are just too scary of a starting point, I totally get it. They definitely aren’t going to be for everyone. Brown boots in a similar style might be a better path for you. Style is personal because we get to figure out what works for us. When we’re intentional with each purchase, that becomes a lot easier to find out. 

Use Print

combat boots large animal print sweater natalie borton pinterest

Source: Natalie Borton via Pinterest
combat boots animal print scarf fashion jackson pinterest

Source: Fashion Jackson via Pinterest

It might not seem like it, but simply by adding a print you can make an outfit feel more feminine. It can help to break up the monotony of the dark clothing staples that tend to dominate our wardrobes in the winter (and understandably so). Plus, those accents are great ways to get whole new outfits without buying an entire new wardrobe each season. 

Closing Thoughts

Combat boots can be an intimidating style to approach, but they’ve been around for quite some time. If you get a good quality pair, they will last you a long time and be great for fall and winter weather.

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