How To Have The Ultimate "Treat Yourself" Night If You're Single On Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day has always made its way into my top three favorite holidays, single or not.

By Melody Rose4 min read

Something about it feels magical to me. I’m not sure why – maybe it dates back to the cute little mailboxes and card exchanges we did in grade school, or the abundance of vibrant flowers that overwhelm just about every store, or perhaps it’s because it’s a holiday largely centered around chocolate (and who doesn’t love that?). 

Whatever the reason, it’s beautiful to have a day where you slow down your busy schedule to honor love. Despite the doom and gloom memes about being single on Valentine’s Day, there’s still plenty of love to be found all around you that’s not just reserved for romantic partnerships. There’s love in your family relationships, friendships, faith, and of course, in the connection you have with yourself.

In fact, back in my college years, I started making it a little tradition to step outside my comfort zone every year on Valentine’s Day by challenging myself to try something completely new. One year it was a Zumba class (I’m definitely not graced with this talent!). Another year I took myself out to dinner (yes, on Valentine’s Day…alone – gasp!). The year after that, I explored a nearby coffee house that's merged with a flower shop and totally fell in love with it. Each activity has been incredibly liberating and inspiring, teaching me something new about myself. This tradition has created some of my best memories! I highly recommend it to build your own self-confidence. And hey, you never know who you might meet in the process!

Above all, this tradition has taught me how to be comfortable with who I am and to fearlessly enjoy my own company (this ability is also supportive in not lowering your standards just because you fear being alone, by the way). That’s why I’ll advocate for a luxurious night in as the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re single. I believe it can be deeply satisfying to pamper yourself and reflect with gratitude on the joy love brings into your life, because how often do we actually take the time to do this in our typical schedules? Almost never. 

So, let’s set the framework for your best Valentine’s Day yet!

Set the Scene

In preparation for a relaxed, luxurious night in, take the day to set the scene so you have everything to make it perfect.

Visit a Local Florist 

Find a local flower shop and browse their selections. Handcraft a bouquet that’s pleasing to you. What colors do you like? Which types of flowers are your favorites? Flowers actually carry a meaning of their own, you know. For example, coral roses represent friendship, modesty, and sympathy. Pink roses represent grace, happiness, and gentleness. You can see the full list here to guide your purchase and curate your bouquet with an intention you desire to embody. 

Browse a Bookstore or Library

I can’t be the only one who still loves a good bookstore? The smell of crisp pages will outdo a Kindle any day, in my opinion. I agree with Disney princess Belle, bookstores and libraries are enchanting when you have access to thousands of stories right at your fingertips. Take the time to wander through the aisles and browse your favorite genres, then treat yourself to a new book to get lost in. Romantic classics like Pride and Prejudice will be a perfect mood-setter to enhance your Valentine’s experience. 

Buy a New Dress or Makeup Palette

Love and beauty just seem to be the perfect match, don’t they? Nothing is more freeing than when you feel sexy, confident, and happy within your own skin. Sometimes a simple purchase can give us that extra feel-good boost of serotonin. Whether it be a new dress, makeup palette or silk bathrobe, purchase something you’ve been eyeing and treat yourself.

An Evening of Bliss

After a day of glorious outings and refreshing purchases, let the real luxury begin. Make this night all about relaxation. Put your phone away so you don’t find yourself wasting the night scrolling through Instagram and positioning yourself to feel FOMO or jealousy. This night is about putting outside noise on pause to shift the focus back on nurturing yourself and what makes you feel fabulous!

Light Your Favorite Candles 

The aroma of candles give an elegant touch to almost any occasion. Not to mention their aesthetically pleasing dynamic. Set the tone of your evening oasis with your favorites, whether it be Rose Quartz, Sea Salt & Sage, or Pineapple Coconut. With such an expansive variety, you can indulge almost any vibe you’re going for because, guaranteed, there’s a candle for that!

Pop the Bubbly! 

Let’s be honest, the real relationship we’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day is the perfect pairing of subtly sweet champagne and rich dark chocolate. Light, flirty, and oh so delicious, these indulgent desserts are perfect for an opulent night in. Not into alcohol? Check out some rather delectable flavors of kombucha like Rose Berry, Passionberry Bliss, and Mystic Mango that will still give you that bubbly feel and delightful fruity flavor (plus incredible health benefits to go with it!).

Select a Soothing Playlist

Acoustic covers are always a gentle yet uplifting selection to accompany a peaceful evening. Whatever you choose, gravitate toward a playlist that will elevate your mood instead of one that will depress it by sending you on a spiral of extensive dwelling (we all have that song). Keep things light and fun to stay in bliss!

Draw a Bath 

When was the last time you took a bubble bath? Remember how much joy they used to bring you as a little girl? Why not luxuriate in one again and tap back into that child-like joy? With your candles lit, champagne poured, and music softly playing in the background, this is the final step towards complete heaven. You can even craft a luxury DIY bath bomb at home using a mixture of baking soda, bath salts, and essential oils. Once you’ve drawn the bath, don’t rush. Read the book you selected earlier or enjoy flipping through the glossy pages of Evie’s print magazine. Allow yourself to soak in every second!

The Afterparty

Following your mini at-home spa retreat, bring your night to a beautiful completion by wrapping up in your favorite silk robe (maybe the new one you purchased earlier!), snuggling up in bed, and watching one of your favorite chick flicks or romcoms like The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, or 10 Things I Hate About You.

And once the credits roll and before you drift off to sleep, take a minute to write down three things you’re grateful for in your favorite journal. Practicing gratitude is known to boost your immune system, improve relationships, and increase overall optimism. So gift yourself this one last luxury right before basking in your beauty sleep.

Closing Thoughts

No matter your relationship status on Facebook this Valentine’s Day, don’t allow it to dampen your ability to choose happiness. It might sound cliché, but happiness really is a choice we get to make. And it doesn’t take extravagant measures to achieve. Sometimes it’s just about reconnecting with life’s little luxuries by taking the time to remember all the beautiful things in and around you. By indulging in simple pleasures, you’ll see just how abundant your life really is when you let negativity go and focus on love. Love truly is the essence of a fulfilling life, and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

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