How To Find A Good Guy Without Downloading A Dating App

Yes, it’s totally possible to find someone outside the stream of singles on Bumble.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
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So you’re single, and you’re ready not to be anymore. When you mentioned this to your coworker, your friend, or your older sister, you were likely met with a response that included “You should try a dating app!” After all, isn’t that the best way to meet someone who checks off all of the boxes? By sifting through a whole gallery of your options before narrowing it down?

And while dating apps have worked for enough people, there’s something in you that would rather meet a guy without a dating app. You can’t help but want that old-fashioned love story, where you catch each other’s eye and the rest is history.

But once you say that, you’re normally met with “Go to bars!” While this tactic has paid off well for many, it’s also important to you that you don’t just meet any guy. You want to meet a good guy. So where are you supposed to go to meet them?

Here’s how you can find a good guy outside of dating apps.

Let Your Friends Set You Up

Your friends know you better than anyone else, right? Plus, statistics say that one of the best ways to meet someone is through a friend. So while you might have been hesitating up until now, it might be time to let that one friend who promises she has the perfect guy for you set you up.

Try Out New Coffee Shops

There’s something about coffee shops – especially the ones with lots of seating – that encourage good conversations between strangers. Try out a few different cafes until you find one whose clientele matches what you’re looking for. Then, bring a book along with you, get comfy, and make sure to flash a soft smile if you happen to catch a cute guy’s eye – or if you’re feeling bold and the cafe is busy that day, ask if he minds sharing his table with you.

Go to the Park (or the Dog Park)

Heading to the park for a slow stroll or to read on the bench is a good option, but an even better option? Bringing your dog (if you have one) to the dog park. This comes with a built-in opportunity to socialize and talk with the other dog owners, one of which might be your dream guy. Isn’t that such a movie-esque meet-cute?

Attend an Event Through Your Place of Worship

One of the most important things to align on when it comes to a life partner is faith. So if you’re religious and attend a place of worship, get involved with some of their community events or small groups. Similarly, if there’s someone specific you’ve noticed at your service, see if you can sit near him regularly, and maybe even interact with him after the service.

Sign Up for a Class

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn French, or how to cook or paint, take your hobby or passion to the next level and enroll in a class (Side note: This is how I met my husband!). You’ll be meeting up every week with people who have something in common with you – and you just might come across a good guy! 

Go To Random Events You’re Invited To

Maybe you were invited to a friend of a friend’s birthday or your distant cousin’s wedding. It’s tempting not to go to an event where you feel like you’ll be the only person who didn’t bring a plus one, but trust us, you won’t be. Going to random events will allow you to meet people you never would’ve otherwise.

If You Go to a Bar, Pick the Right Kind

The reality is, many people do meet their significant other at a bar. But if you want a guy who’s looking for more than a fling, make sure you don’t go to a bar that draws in guys who only want hookups. Instead, find one that’s less of a party scene, and more of a relaxed lounge.

Visit a Bookstore

Don’t we all need a good excuse to go to a bookstore? Stop by a local bookshop that has some seating (you’ll have a much better chance of meeting someone that way) and browse for a while. If you happen to spot a cute guy, strike up a conversation by asking him if he’d recommend what he’s reading.

Closing Thoughts

It’s entirely possible to meet a guy without the help of a dating app. While it will feel like more effort at first (you will need to leave the house), being intentional about where you look for a guy will make it more likely that you’ll find a good one.

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