How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Your Accessories

Here at Evie, we love the functionality and minimalism of a capsule wardrobe. Easy to get dressed and look great each morning? Now that’s the perfect system.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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There are two types of women who need to consider a capsule wardrobe for her accessories. The first has no accessories and doesn’t know where or how to start building a functional and fun accessory collection. The second has more accessories than she knows what to do with, so they’re sitting covered in dust. Regardless of which woman you identify with, your accessories could probably use a refresh. 

The key to creating a capsule wardrobe is to avoid trends on purpose. Trendy accessories are often the quickest trends to cycle through, leaving you with a variety of jewelry and accessories that you’ll never wear again (the 2013 chunky statement necklaces, anyone?). To avoid unnecessary pieces piling up in your closet, a classic capsule wardrobe is the answer. 

There are a few key steps to creating a capsule wardrobe for your accessories. Let’s get into it! 

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Evaluate Your Current Collection

The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe is to evaluate your current collection. Do you have a ton of bits and baubles that you haven’t worn in years? Is there a specific piece you wish you had? Do you need a full revamp or just a simple refresh? 

Start by putting your pieces into piles: keep, donate, and throw away. Then systematically go through each piece in your collection. Are there things you need to replace? A favorite pair of gloves that have a hole in the thumb? A broken pair of gold hoops? A tarnished necklace chain? Make a list of these gaps in your collection, as this will help you in the shopping phase.

Pieces to Avoid

Before we get into pieces you’ll want to include in your collection, we should start with the things you should avoid. Trends are a no-go, especially when it comes to the foundation of your capsule wardrobe. Stay away from busy patterns, non-geometric shapes, and obvious brand labels, which won’t be popular by next season. 

Avoid buying jewelry in rose gold, bronze, or mixed metals. Gold and silver are classics, and you’ll want timeless pieces in your collection.

Overly chunky jewelry won’t last in your collection, and it’s also very difficult to style. Bright colors can be okay if you’re pairing them with specific items in your closet, but the general rule of thumb is to start with basics and then add variety once you’ve established your style foundation. 

Even if you’re on a budget, try not to purchase cheap costume-like jewelry or buy from stores like Shein. These products don’t last, are often unethically made, and cheapen your look. Try buying jewelry second-hand, browsing sites like Poshmark, or saving up to invest in quality pieces you will love for a lifetime! 

Jewelry Pieces to Include

If you know there are gaps in your collection, but you aren’t sure what they are, there’s an easy fix! First, you need to decide if you are a gold or silver girl. Choosing a classic metal will help you narrow down your choices when shopping and will ensure that you buy jewelry you love and will wear for years to come! 

A go-to pair of earrings is an important piece of jewelry. Simple but classy is the goal for this particular piece. Think: something you could wear every day and not get bored with after a week or two. A basic gold or silver pair of huggies is a great everyday piece that will work cohesively with the rest of your accessories. 

Gorjana 14k Gold Classic 13mm Huggies, $250

Gorjana Sloane Hoops, $50

A simple necklace will also become a staple in your accessories capsule wardrobe. Choosing the same metal as your earrings, find a necklace that you would love to wear every day – casually, in the office, or for formal occasions. The perfect capsule wardrobe necklace should be able to do all three! 

Gorjana Bali Necklace, $55

Kendra Scott Audrey 14k White Gold Pendant Necklace in White Diamond, $450

Pearls are another classic piece that encompasses femininity. Add some pearls to your accessory capsule wardrobe, and you’ll be amazed at how often you wear them. 

Anthropologie Senna Earrings, $38

Gorjana Parker Pearl Necklace, $75 

A beautiful watch is another must-have accessory in your wardrobe. Choose a shape or style in the same metal as before to keep everything consistent and interchangeable. A thin watch band and face are best for a feminine choice. 

VANNA Nebula Watch, $425

Other Accessories to Include

A solid pair of sunglasses will be your favorite accessory year-round. If you’re a cheap pair of sunglasses girl, then allow me to pitch you a few reasons why you should invest in a slightly nicer pair for your capsule wardrobe (you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars!). Cheap $10 sunglasses are more likely to break, bend, or get lost, which makes them almost more expensive than investing in one pair of nicer sunglasses. 

Quay Tag Me Sunglasses, $75

RAY-BAN Unisex Polarized Sunglasses, $213

A basic ball cap is another accessory you will get a ton of wear out of, especially if you find one in a neutral color that coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe. A ball cap works in every season, is great with casual and athleisure style, and easily covers a bad hair day.

Wyeth Nubby Baseball Cap, $42

'47 NY Baseball Cap, $42

Don’t forget to include a few hair accessories for when your look is missing that something. A cute barrette, a hair scarf, or a clip are super fun ways to add a feminine touch to your outfit. 

Sue Sartor Printed Scarf, $65

Macro Claw Clip, $10

Queenie Hair Scarf, $30

A basic belt can add that perfect touch to your outfit. Make sure you have a few different styles and colors, like black and brown, so you always have one that will match your look. Don’t buy trendy, overly-embellished belts that distract from your outfit; instead, look for classic styles and colors that won’t need to be replaced next year.

Anthropologie The Emerson Belt, $50

Anthropologie The Sienna Belt, $90

And finally, it's always a good idea to include a pair of tights in your accessories wardrobe. You never know when you might need to throw on a pair!

J.Crew Control-Top Opaque Black Tights, $23

Closing Thoughts

Building a capsule wardrobe for your accessories is a great way to reduce waste and clutter in your home, while also inspiring great outfits. 

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