Shein Clothing And Accessories Found To Have 20 Times More Lead Than What Is Considered Safe

Last year, the Shein app overtook Amazon as the most downloaded app in the US. However, the Chinese fast-fashion retailer is under fire once again for the amount of lead found in its clothing and accessories.

By Gina Florio1 min read

Shein is known to offer varied fashion at a cheap price and it has become one of the most popular shopping destinations for many women. However, there are recent reports showing that the clothing and accessories could contain a dangerous level of lead in them.

Shein Clothing and Accessories Found to Have 20 Times More Lead Than What Is Considered Safe

A CBC Marketplace investigation in 2021 found that one in every five items of children's and adults' clothing and accessories from fast-fashion brands contained "elevated levels of chemicals—including lead, PFAs and phthalates—that experts found concerning." Shein is certainly no exception to that statistic.

Scientists have apparently found that a Shein jacket for toddlers has almost 20 times the amount of lead in it that Health Canada considers is safe for kids. A Shein purse was found to have five times the acceptable amount of lead.

Shein announced that the jacket and purse were removed from its site and are no longer available to purchase. "We are committed to continuous improvement of our supply chain," the company said.

The University of Toronto conducted a study of Shein products and found that the clothing exceeded the safety levels of lead and contain more than 20% of the lead products that cause skin and eye irritation issues. The lead found in their clothing produce hazardous waste and are toxic to humans.

With the added element of Shein's exploitative factory conditions, perhaps it's best to avoid the fast fashion retailer altogether, even if the brand's clothing and accessories are incredibly affordable.