How To Be Your Man’s Muse

A woman who desires to be a muse craves being able to inspire a man to become the greatest version of himself.

By Robyn Riley4 min read
How To Be Your Man’s Muse

Many women derive great joy and purpose by helping their husbands and watching them flourish as a result of their efforts. While being a man’s muse won’t be every woman’s cup of tea, there are aspects of the ways a muse brings out the best in the man they love that can be uplifting for any relationship. 

Feminine and masculine energy complement one another in ways that allow the other to reach its full potential. Masculine energy is often seen as being related to the realm of ideas and feminine energy is more related to the material world, in part because of our ability to bear children. A woman’s feminine energy keeps a visionary man’s mind grounded in reality so that his ideas can be brought to fruition in the material world. 

The feminine energy of a muse helps creative men to conjure the ambition necessary to see their ideas move from mere abstraction to actualization in the world.

Why Should We Care?

Becoming a muse for your husband is not just about helping him to achieve his dreams. Many of these ideas will also improve your own life in other ways, whether by bringing in more beauty, peace, or elegance.

Helping your husband to be the best man he can be is a benefit to you and your marriage. You will get the satisfaction of helping the man you love to achieve his dreams; in the meantime, he will be building you a safe, loving home and helping you achieve your dreams alongside his. Below are some tips on how to create passionate and creative energy in your relationship with your husband that will bring out the best in him (and you!).

Develop Your Own Unique Expression of Physical Beauty

Part of what makes a woman a good muse are the things that make her stand out from other women, namely her physical beauty and health. Women who cultivate their natural beauty and health always end up with a unique expression of femininity which can be absolutely intoxicating to the right man. 

Areas to focus on when developing your own style and expression of beauty include having sex appeal that remains classy and learning to be confident in yourself, as well as having charming and elegant social mannerisms. 

Both beautiful nature and beautiful women can inspire men.

If you’re looking for a good source to begin learning, a fantastic place to start is by watching the starlets in Hollywood’s golden era. These women all had personalized and signature ways of expressing their femininity and, more importantly, interacting with men. Watching them can give you the foundation needed to begin experimenting with which expressions come most naturally to you and help you to bring out your own personal flavor of feminine energy.

When a woman has an effortlessness about her style and beauty, this can be an enduring source of creative inspiration and motivation for a man. In the same way the beauty of nature has the ability to inspire innovation and novel ideas in great thinkers, so too does the natural beauty of a feminine woman. 

Share Your Feminine Curiosity with Him

Visionary men often live in the realm of ideas. They’re constantly imagining adventures, conquests, and creative projects. Without the grounding energy of a feminine muse, he risks letting his head perpetually remain in the clouds. As a muse, it’s your job to pull your man’s attention out of fantasy and into actualization. Feminine energy can be the balancing force that pulls masculine attention into the material world so that a man can have a reason to make his dreams a reality. 

As a muse, it’s your job to pull your man’s attention out of fantasy and into actualization.

Ask deep, meaningful questions about himself and what he thinks about the world and learn to see things from his perspective. If he tells you about something that he’s interested in, learn about that thing so that you can engage with him about it in a sincere way. By studying the man you love, you can become like a mirror reflecting his inner light back to him. This offers a valuable new lens for him to see himself and his life’s purpose. 

Appeal to his intellect by probing deeply into his internal world. If he has a dream or an idea that he shares with you, ask directly how he plans on executing it. Offer suggestions about areas of risk or development that he may not have considered and be a soundboard for him to verbalize thoughts that may have only ever existed in his mind previously. By merely speaking his ideas out loud he gets closer to them materializing in the world.

Have a Sense of Humor

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Being able to be regal and relaxed at the same time is an irresistible combination. A woman who is able to be silly allows her man to unwind, de-stress, and enjoy himself in her company. This is a hugely important aspect of the creative process. Downtime where ideas can ruminate and take form is as important as focused work. 

Being able to be regal and relaxed at the same time is an irresistible combination. 

By being a person your man can feel free of the worries and burdens of his work with he can receive a kind of rejuvenation from spending time with you. This time builds him back up, ready to be productive once again. 

The creative and work life of a man is bound to have moments where he feels he’s stuck and uncertain of what the next step should be. By being funny, fun-loving, and reminding him how to take a step back and bask in leisure, you can allow him to rest and his ideas to develop unconsciously, which can lead to breakthroughs in innovation and creative output.

Allow and Encourage Him To Pursue You While Dating

Playing hard to get with a man allows sexual tension to grow between you, which can be an impassioned way to captivate his creative power. You must, however, provide the cues for him to follow that will allow him to chase you. 

A delicate balance must be struck between flirting enough to make sure he knows that you’re interested in him and available, but without having to give in to his advances totally. If you're too withdrawn or cold, he may misinterpret that as proof that you're not really interested, and give up the pursuit in frustration. 

Playing hard to get with a man allows sexual tension to grow between you, which can direct his creative power.

The slow dance of emotional entanglement can be a fun one if you’re not too uptight. This means nights of dancing and holding each other close in dimly lit environments. It means dinners that go on well into the night while feet and hands touch. Activities like going to the beach and swimming together, or going to the theatre or cinema to watch a romantic story unfold, are great ways of nurturing electric emotional energy without actually sleeping together.

When a man desires a woman in this way but isn’t able to sleep with her, out of pure necessity he will work to distract himself. That powerful sexual energy will be transmuted into the output of the work he uses to distract himself.  

See His Potential and Nurture It 

Be observant of his strengths and be forthcoming with appreciation. When we notice things about the man we love that are great, we must make sure he knows we notice them. Getting to know a man on a very deep level is essential to being a good muse so you know what you’re orienting toward. When feminine energy reflects back the light of a man she loves, it propels both man and woman forward toward greatness.

When a woman reflects a man’s best qualities back to him, she validates who he is.

If he is well-read and loves to learn, find out his favorite book and read it. If he likes to build things, think of something you could use and ask him to build it with you so he can teach you something new. If he loves physical activity, go to the gym with him and allow him to train you to be stronger. 

By learning and allowing your man to teach you things he’s passionate about, you encourage masculine leadership from him. You reinforce your feminine receptiveness as you in turn bring out his inner confidence and manliness.

Closing Thoughts

Being a muse isn’t for every woman, nor does every man desire a muse, but by using some of the tips above anyone can lay the foundation of an enduring and passionate relationship. Artistic and productive work is always enhanced by the interplay of feminine and masculine energies. They feed and sustain one another, allowing each other to flourish and grow.

The wonderful thing about being a muse is that it’s not as one-sided as it may appear on the surface. Channeling your inner Aphrodite means developing your femininity as if it were an art form, which can then be harnessed to inspire the creative potential in someone else. 

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