How To Add Color To Your Fall Wardrobe (Even If You Love Neutrals)

Fall fashion is built on the coziest shades of cream, brown, and black. A neutral lover’s favorite season! However, there are plenty of reasons to add color to your fall wardrobe.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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Even the neutral girlies should add a small touch of seasonal color to their daily outfits. There are fun autumnal colors like deep purples, festive oranges, dark greens, and even hot pink available this season! In previous years, our IG feeds were filled with chic, neutral basics and earthy-toned patterns. But this year, color is in! 

From the rise of Barbie pink in spring and summer fashion to the addition of light blues and bold reds as fall wardrobe staples, color is going to be the most important aspect of this year’s fall fashion. Lucky for you, it’s incredibly easy to add color to your fall wardrobe, especially if you already have a chic neutral base. You don’t need to buy a ton of new pieces or struggle to put together outfits that master this trend. We’ve got you covered! 

Need some ideas on how to add color to a mostly neutral fall palette? 

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With a Multi-Colored Sweater

The easiest way to add color to your fall wardrobe is with a colorful, cozy sweater! You can pair a colorful sweater with jeans or even cream knit pants for a casual, put-together look. Add a colorful sweater to your workwear rotation, or find a deep-toned sweater for a fun date night look! 

Missing a colorful sweater in your wardrobe? Check out these adorable pieces!

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With a Matching Jacket and Sneaker Combo

Want to add a bright color into your outfit but need it to look coordinated? Try matching the shade of your jacket with your sneakers! The rest of your look should be simple and neutral in order for this fun color to be the star of your look. 

With a Patterned Vest

One major trend we’re seeing in Paris this season is the addition of patterned vests into the fall wardrobe. This cool-girl look needs a bit of color, so look for vests with embroidered patterns in soft fall tones. Easy to style with jeans and a tee, this outfit is one you will want to wear on repeat all season long!

Anthropologie Mochi Quilted Vest, $180

With Colored Trousers

Neutral girls know the value of a pair of staple black trousers for everyday wear. But you can easily switch it up with a pair of dark green trousers for fall. These can be styled almost exactly the same as a neutral pair, but they add a bit of visual interest to your entire look! 

Plus, these all-around favorite trousers come in the perfect shade of green! Add to cart!

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Try a Colorful Swap

At this point, you have established the basic, classy components of the neutral look. If you want to add a little fun fall color to your outfits, simply swap one piece for one with a little color. Yes, it seems simple, but this is the most practical way to add color to your fall outfits without completely changing your aesthetic. 

Add Bright Accessories

Having trouble substituting your neutral base for something more colorful? Try adding a colorful accessory instead! Ball caps typically transition from summer style into the fall exceptionally well, so consider adding a dark green or blue hat to cap off your look. Or add a red bag to highlight the coordination of your favorite fall outfit. Or wrap one of your colorful sweaters around your shoulders!

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Closing Thoughts

A new season is a great time to add a little color to your otherwise neutral wardrobe. Have fun building new outfits and defining your personal style! 

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