Heading To The Salon? Here Are 15 Summer Hairstyles At Every Length To Inspire Your Next Cut

Today's post is dedicated to our curated feminine faves for you to prep for your best hot girl summer yet.

By Andrea Mew3 min read
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Temperatures are rising and we’re feeling our confidence return as we shed the extra outerwear layers in exchange for shorter sleeves and hemlines. If you’re also buzzing with anticipation over sun-kissed skin and elevated serotonin, you might be ready to jumpstart your summer look with a new hairdo. 

Look no further, we’ve got 15 hairstyles at every length to inspire you, whether you’re on your way to the salon chair or just looking to spice up your current ‘do!

Short Haired Girls: The Bottleneck Bob

What we love about the bottleneck bob is how effortlessly chic it looks with just a touch of your favorite volumizing product and some finger-tussling. Wear it curly or wear it straight, no matter what you do this narrow top and wide bottom cut is guaranteed to look iconic and keep you cool.

Short Haired Girls: Side-Swept Bob

A side-swept bob is perfect for the girl who wants to experiment with a dramatic cut but not commit to a full fringe. We admire the asymmetrical touch that adds a bit of edge to an otherwise low maintenance look. Give it some beachy waves or curl the edges inward for a retro throwback to 1940s Hollywood glam.

Short Haired Girls: Pixie Remixes

Among the more retro looks that celebs like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Florence Pugh have shot back into the spotlight is the “mixie,” a.k.a. a mullet-pixie, and the “bixie,” which is a cross between the bob and a pixie. These shaggy styles are equal parts edgy and endearing. If you like lots of layers, texture, and funky fringe, then this is sure to be your next summer look!

Short Haired Girls: Upgraded Lob

The lob is a perfect fresh start without sacrificing too much length. Honestly it feels like every celeb and model has rocked a lob at one point or another like Ashley Graham, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, or Emily Ratajkowski. You can decorate your lob further this summer with face-framing dutch braids as a natural headband.

Short Haired Girls: Shoulder-Grazing Bob

A voluminous bob hovering right above your shoulders is paired perfectly with a full fringe for a romantic look ready for summertime travel. Longer than your typical bob, this shoulder-grazing variation can allow you enough length to tie half up in one or two festival-ready top knots.

Medium-Length Haired Girls: Curved Bob

Kim K refreshed the angled bob a few summers ago, and since then we’ve been seeing so many classy, curved variations. This year, we’re loving the curved bob paired with curtain bangs that exude prep-school chic! Bouncy and blown out with a round barrel brush, this hairstyle is soft and feminine.

Medium-Length Haired Girls: Wolf Cut

Groovy is definitely here to stay with yet another revival of a ‘70s trend, now lovingly called the “Wolf Cut” by trendsetters on TikTok. It’s a little wild and a lot of shag! This hairstyle is essentially an outgrown, modernized mullet that looks fab on girls with tight curls or a bit of wave.

Medium-Length Haired Girls: The Clavicut

It skims your collarbones and is very versatile with its not-too-short-and-not-too-long length – it's the clavicle bob! Try out a few face-framing baby braids for a bit of boho beauty for a sunny picnic or slick it back after the sun sets for an evening wet-look.

Medium-Length Haired Girls: The Half-Up Half-Down

Your day-two or day-three hair will love a good semi-updo. Styles like these sweep up the sides of your face, giving your eyes and brows a naturally uplifted look without any “fox eye” thread lifts or “ponytail” facelifts needed. Gather up your locks from above your ears into a messy top knot or two fluffy space buns for a carefree, youthful hairstyle.

Medium-Length Haired Girls: The Bouncy Blowout

Blow dry your hair with a deep, side part and embrace your inner ‘90s bombshell. We love seeing the revival of this classic Cindy Crawford-esque look which just screams sex appeal. Pair this look with a fit-and-flare sundress and some cat-eye sunnies to throw it back even further to ‘50s Hollywood glam.

Long-Haired Girls: The Full Shag

Curly girls rejoice, the shag which was once popularized by Farrah Fawcett is now seeing a renaissance. If your hair is fine and straight, try blow-drying the ends inward with a flick of the wrist for a flouncy, fresh style. One way we’re loving the shag this year is pulled back effortlessly with a giant, dreamy scrunchie

Long-Haired Girls: The Center Part

Super sleek and luxurious, the humble center part is infinitely adaptable. You can wear this look straightened following inspo from the liquid hair trend, or romantically curled with a big-barrel curling iron or a satin heatless curling set. We love a good center part hairdo pulled back with a decorative claw clip to stay cool on toasty summer days.

Long-Haired Girls: The Bébé Bangs

Keep the length you love but make a bold statement by trying out this stylish take on microbangs. A favorite of French girls, short bangs give you a taste of fringe without hiding your brows. Add some beachy, textured waves for the perfect poolside look during the day or accent some of your locks with pearl clips for evening glamor.

Long-Haired Girls: The Uniform Chop

Some of us just aren't really into choppy, layered looks, and that’s alright! Long, uniform hair lengths can help you channel your inner model with taut, pulled-back styles which highlight your cheek and brow bones. This year, we’re obsessed with sleek, tight braided ponytails and the more recent remix of this trend: bubble ponytails.

Long-Haired Girls: The Baby Braids

We can thank Bridgerton for rekindling our love for regency braids, but we’re toning down those intricate styles for a relaxed summer look by adorning long tresses with strategically placed baby braids. Use these ‘90s-inspired braids to frame your face, or test out braiding a few bundles of hair further back toward the top of your crown. This season, you really can’t go wrong with such a flirty, funky style!

Closing Thoughts

No matter what your vacation plans look like and no matter how daring you feel once you sit down in the salon chair, hopefully our list has provided you with a potential hairdo for you to feel fantastic and feminine all summer long!

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