Hard Pass: 6 Trends We Won’t Be Wearing This Fall

Fashion is an ever-changing world, as new and old fashion trends make their appearance every few years. However, not all of them are cute!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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Ever look at an influencer’s or celebrity’s outfit and say, “Why?” Yeah, me too. Whether it’s the often uncomfortable fashion of the runway or simply your favorite influencer's latest brand deal, not everything online is cute, flattering, and feminine (our most basic rule of thumb!). This fall, major designers have shown us largely oversized menswear, flashy patterns and odd silhouettes, and a return to the clunky, uncomfortable shoes of your childhood. Guaranteed to turn heads (but not in a good way), these high fashion trends are everything we don’t want from our cozy, fall wardrobes!

While the majority of your closet should pass the timeless test, it can be fun to participate in microtrends or branch outside your usual aesthetic for something exciting and new. However, we don’t participate in trends just because they are trending…especially if they’re tacky and just plain ugly. 

While several fun trends will make their appearance in our wardrobes this fall, like the oversized blazer and chunky loafer, there are also some trends that we won’t be wearing. Wondering what they are? 

1. Visible Lingerie 

Lingerie has a specific purpose, and should be limited to the bedroom. While a cute peek-a-boo moment can be subtle and sexy, visible lingerie is just not as feminine as it sounds. There's a difference between a gorgeous corset top layered with a blazer and straight leg denim for date night, and... showing up to a restaurant with your lacy thong on full display. Let's leave a little to the imagination, shall we?

2. Women’s Ties

Just, no. Somewhere between professional business wear and Clark Kent cosplay, the women’s tie is resurfacing as a trend. We aren’t lacking in accessory options, especially with the resurgence of hair scarves and belt bags, so there’s no need to “spice up” an outfit with a necktie. Menswear has been all the rage over the past few seasons, and while the oversized button-down is a fan favorite, masculine accessories are better left on the men. 

3. Low-Rise Loose Jeans

There is a place for low-rise jeans, and there is also a place for loose fitting jeans. However, low-rise loose jeans are not only a mouthful to say – they’re also a fashion red flag, regardless of what Instagram might say. This trend is one attempt at normalizing genderless fashion, by removing any appearance of shape. Yikes. Regardless of what style of jeans you prefer, just make sure they fit and flatter your feminine shape! 

4. Weird Cut-Outs

Can we please stop it with the cut-outs already? Everything would look so much classier and more polished if there weren't holes and shapes poking out in the middle of your outfit.

5. Clogs

Sure, these outfits aren't bad, but we'd argue that they'd be that much better with a more feminine shoe choice. Clogs are just so... clunky. They certainly don't flatter the feet, and anyone who's worn them around town for a few hours knows they're not even as comfortable as they look. For some, this may be an exciting fashion resurgence, but for us it's gonna be a pass.

6. Visible Thongs

Also known as the "whale tail", this Y2K trend is one that we seemingly cannot get rid of (no matter how hard we try). It's weird, it's awkward, and like, who wants to walk around town with their thong hanging out of their outfit anyway? Underwear is meant to be worn underneath your clothes, not as the focal point.

Closing Thoughts

These fall trends likely won’t stick around long, and for the reasons above, we won’t be participating. Check out our fall capsule wardrobe for cute and feminine pieces you can style for the coziest fashion! What other fall trends are you saying no to this season?

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