"Grave Robber" Kim Kardashian Just Purchased Princess Diana's Old Diamond Cross Necklace, And People Are Now Saying She’s Collecting Artifacts For Witchcraft

By Nicole Dominique
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Kim and Diana
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Kim Kardashian is nicknamed a "grave robber" after purchasing Princess Diana's purple diamond cross necklace. Users are now asking her to leave iconic artifacts alone, and some are even theorizing that Kim is collecting them for "witchy" purposes.

People were shocked to see Kim Kardashian squeeze into Marilyn Monroe's historic $4.8 million silk gown at the Met Gala in 2022. The SKIMS founder was met with accusations of damaging the garment (even though she didn't), and questions of the appropriateness of her decision to wear the dress took over social media.

After the backlash, you'd think Kim would want to leave deceased and famous people's items alone – but it seems she has no intentions of doing so.

Kim just purchased Princess Diana's Attallah cross pendant for £163,800 (that's about $200,000) after it went on sale at Sotheby's London. The luxury necklace was designed by Garrard and was worn several times by Princess Diana herself. The pendant, which is said to be a rare, private commission piece by Garrard, contains gorgeous amethyst pieces and is accented by diamonds.

The announcement has certainly alarmed social media users, prompting funny jokes and memes that criticize Kim's recent purchase. "Someone please protect our artifacts from Kris Jenner’s manicured paws," writes @arttavana. 

@thatpablovivo1 says, "Can she literally leave deceased people stuff alone?????"

"She collectin' famous blonde celebrity trinkets like horcruxes," quips @itsmykethompson.

"Kim K collecting iconic dead women's belongings like she's a grave robber we're so tired..." jokes @DualGrey. 

People Believe Kim Bought the Necklace for Witchcraft 

A few people now believe Kim is buying these items for "witchcraft" purposes. "I just know this is witchy sh*t lol why else would she be raiding all of these iconic women’s closets," speculates @sagistarbb. 

Last year, Kim Kardashian was "gifted" a lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair. She was so ecstatic that she jokingly (or maybe seriously?) said that she was going to do some "voodoo sh*t" with it. "Oh my god, I'm literally going to do some crazy voodoo sh*t, [sic], and channel her!" 

"Kim Kardashian is so obsessed with wearing dead people's things. When she got Marilyn Monroe's hair, she 'joked' she would use it for 'voodoo to channel her'. Also, why do you have her hair bandla? It's giving 🧙‍♀️," tweets @NGETTYD. 

"Kim is up to more voodoo sh*t. I think, as with Marilyn, she really believes she can channel these women. As in literally channel their spirits, which probably sounds good to her because she only has a narcissistic false self as opposed to a genuine personality," says @thea_nicole17. 

User @YadieGotTweets writes, "I'm such a conspiracy theorist lmao. Kim is a witch collecting items of powerful DEAD people and consecrating them to harness their power from beyond the grave to remain affluent, youthful and successful. Period and that's on THE ORIGINALS."

Kim Kardashian Also Purchased Michael Jackson's Clothes

We’re not so sure about the witchcraft claims, but there’s no doubt Kim is attracted to significant pieces. In 2019, The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star bought Michael Jackson's jacket for $65,625 at the Julien's Auctions' "Icons And Idols: Rock N' Roll" event. "North is a really big Michael Jackson fan, and we knew she would love this," she explained. "We won this on an auction for Northie for Christmas."

She added, "When she gets older, we can untack the sleeve and it can grow with her and she can have this for her whole life. She's so grateful and so excited." Last Halloween, North was also spotted wearing MJ's makeup-stained hat he wore in the "Smooth Criminal" music video.

It seems Kim has always had an affinity for historic items, and it looks like she's not going to stop buying them anytime soon. 

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