Kim Kardashian Admits She Might “Eat Poop Every Single Day” If It Would Make Her Look Younger

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Reality TV star turned socialite Kim Kardashian is used to being in the news for all sorts of scandals, but there’s no denying that she has built an empire along the way. Her latest skincare line is just one of many brands that she has created.

From SKIMS to KKW Beauty, Kim is a business mogul who has turned herself into a billionaire. She sat down with the New York Times to discuss her latest brand called SKKN by Kim, which will launch sometime this month. The skincare line promises to deliver high-quality products that were given the green light by dermatological experts. Kim, 41, is a huge proponent of a rigorous skincare routine and admits that she will try just about anything if it means she’ll look younger.

Kim Kardashian Admits She Might “Eat Poop Every Single Day” If It Would Make Her Look Younger

The ingredients that you’ll find in SKKN products include hyaluronic acid, glycolic and lactic acid, shea butter, vitamin C, and squalene. Kim’s goal with this nine-step skincare line is to offer consumers the same products that she uses for her own glowing skin. The branding of the bottles is very Kim—beige, graphite tones that resemble her minimalist, monastery-like home.

Kim tells the NYT that she’ll try just about anything to have more youthful looking skin. Really, just about anything. 

“If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might,” she said. “I just might.” 

That’s actually not hard to believe, considering that she just lost 16 pounds in a matter of days in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe's old dress for the Met Gala. Kim has always been extra, and she concedes that her products are a little more expensive than you might expect for everyday skincare—the 9-step line costs $630 in total. But she isn’t concerned that this will deter people from purchasing her products. 

“It’s definitely more prestige, and in order to get the types of ingredients that I would not really miss out on, it was kind of a necessity,” she explained. “The products I was using that were comparable were way more expensive, not to compare anything. I tried to get the quality for the best price that we could, especially the vitamin C serum.”

Kim is fully aware that people care about how they look; after all, she is very open about the fact that she cares deeply about the way she looks. She knows that it takes work to appear a certain way to the world. “So many people want to act like they don’t care about how they look,” she said. “I’m not acting like it comes easier or it’s all natural. You just don’t wake up and use whatever. You wake up, you use ingredients.”

She just hopes that SKKN will be one step in the process for people to look and feel their very best, even if it costs them a pretty penny.

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