Fans Worry For Amanda Bynes' Mental Health After Her Recent Video

People are shocked to see Amanda Bynes in her latest video, and old footage of her and Dan Schneider in a hot tub have resurfaced.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

It's been over 10 years since the beloved Nickelodeon star appeared on screen.

Recently, Amanda Bynes joined social media platforms to plug her latest project, Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast. The show has since been paused after only one episode.

In her latest announcement, Bynes revealed that she got her nail certification a year ago and desires to open a salon. However, Bynes states she has not passed the written exam to get her license. She's also on Cameo, a video-sharing website where celebrities or influencers are paid for content. The former actress appears emotionless in her videos, prompting social media users to comment on her mental health.

"Amanda Bynes from Nickelodeon’s 'Amanda Show' and several early 2000s movies has fans worried about her ‘mental health’ after her recent video of her claiming that she is planning on starting a nail salon and become a manicurist," says @dom_lucre on X. "The concern comes from fans comparing her appearance to what she looked like before she entered Hollywood."

"Amanda Bynes is a shell of a human. Just listen to her… she went from a personable, bubbly, engaged girl to someone who looks and sounds like they’ve had a lobotomy. What did they do to her?!" asks @BrigitteOhNo. Like many others, I question what Bynes went through growing up in Hollywood. Considering that she worked under Dan Schneider, I can only imagine what she had to put up with.

Someone uploaded a sickening video of Bynes as a minor being urged to use the "Super Spitball 5000," in which she's seemingly sexualized.

There's another clip of her in the hot tub with Schneider.

What Happened to Amanda Bynes?

Bynes' last film was Easy A alongside Emma Stone and Penn Badgley in 2010. The child star stepped away from the public eye following the movie, stating that she no longer loved "acting anymore so I've stopped doing it."

In 2012, she hit a car and refused to take a breathalyzer test. She was charged with a DUI and was involved in multiple car accidents that same year. In 2013, the actress was placed on psychiatric hold after a public meltdown. Her mom was granted conservatorship, echoing the situation where Britney Spears' parents took advantage of her. The conservatorship remained until 2022 for Bynes.

According to High Watch Recovery, Bynes abused marijuana, molly, and ecstasy. It wasn't that long ago when she was placed on psychiatric hold after people found her roaming the streets of LA naked.

Fortunately, the supportive comments heavily outweigh the criticism she's received online, and many are rooting for her.


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