Every Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Twin Movie—Ranked From Worst To Best

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If you’re a late ‘80s or early ‘90s baby, you were probably obsessed with the Olsen Twins growing up.

After rising to fame in the shared role as Michelle Tanner on Full House, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen launched acting careers full of family-friendly adventures marketed to young girls. Although all of their movies were iconic, we’re here to break down the top 10.

10. When in Rome (2002)

when in rome olsen twins

This is their least popular travel movie, but it’s still fun to watch for their signature hijinks and wanderlust vibes. Twins Charli and Leila land summer jobs as fashion interns at a fashion company in Rome only to discover that the mailroom isn’t so glamorous…but the hunky Italian boys make it worth it! It’s not The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but we’ll take any movie set in Rome starring iconic teen idols of the early 2000s.

9. Getting There (2002)

getting there olsen twins

It was inevitable for a road trip comedy to come along once Mary Kate and Ashley turned 16 and got their driver's licenses, and that’s exactly what Getting There is. Twins Kylie and Taylor go on a road trip to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Olympics with friends, and mischief ensues. The movie gives serious Crossroads vibes, making it the perfect pick for any sleepover back in the day.

8. It Takes Two (1995)


One of their few movies released in theaters and the only movie where they don’t play twin sisters, It Takes Two is the most unique movie on this list. Amanda and Alyssa meet at summer camp and team up to sabotage Alyssa’s cruel soon-to-be stepmother by switching places after realizing they look like twins. The Parent Trap vibes are immaculate, making it a must-watch for any ‘80s or ‘90s kid.

7. New York Minute (2004)

new york minute olsen twins

It’s the last movie they filmed together and one of their few theatrical releases, making New York Minute a special movie in our hearts. The movie plays the classic opposite twin dynamic with Mary Kate as tomboy Roxy and Ashley as girlie girl Jane. When Jane has to travel to New York City for her Oxford interview, Roxy decides to tag along to watch Simple Plan film their new music video. Their capers are reminiscent of their earlier movies, and we’ll never get over the Bob Saget cameo as the sisters run across the city.

6. Switching Goals (1999)

switching goals olsen twins

Their first movie to emphasize the opposite twin dynamic (Mary Kate as the tomboy and Ashley as the girlie one), twins Sam and Emma switch places on their respective soccer teams when Emma wants to prove to her dad that she’s just as athletic as her sister and Sam wants to meet boys. Though it’s pretty cliché, it’s as wholesome and innocent as movies come.

5. Our Lips Are Sealed (2000)


Possibly the funniest premise to any of their movies, twin sisters Maddie and Abby are placed in witness protection after witnessing a crime. They’re transferred to different schools across the country with new identities but never stay long before one of them spills the beans about their true identities. This leads them to Australia, and their run-ins with the criminals who put them in witness protection are Home Alone-style hilarious.

4. Winning London (2001)

winning london olsen twins

When twins Chloe and Riley travel to London for a Model UN competition, they’re surprised to discover that they’ll be representing the UK in the competition. They spend the entire movie trying to learn about the country, and watching them try to learn the difference between American English slang and British English slang will never get old. Their adventures across London are pure wanderlust goals, and the antics that occur due to cultural differences will always be fun to watch.

3. Billboard Dad (1998)

billboard dad still olsen twins

Possibly their most wholesome movie (and that says a lot), twins Tess and Emily team up to find a love match for their widowed father. They go about this in the most ‘90s way possible – by creating a billboard for their dad on Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s the perfect flick to watch if you’re having a bad day and need a happiness boost because it’s impossible not to smile throughout the entire movie.

2. Passport to Paris (1999)

passport to paris olsen twins

We credit this movie (alongside Rugrats in Paris) for turning all of us into a generation of Francophiles. 12-year-old twins Mel and Ally travel to Paris to spend their spring break with their grandfather, who just happens to be the U.S. ambassador to France. The girls refuse to follow the strict itinerary their grandfather gives them, leading to the inevitable escapades and meeting cute French boys on mopeds. This movie is pure tween escapism, and we can’t help but smile every time we watch it.

1. Holiday in the Sun (2001)

holiday in the sun olsen twins megan fox

Everything about this movie is iconic, and it's peak early 2000s nostalgia. Twin sisters Madison and Alex go on a family vacation to the Bahamas with family friend Jordan, whom Alex has a major crush on. Though the Olsen twins are at their best in this movie, it’s Megan Fox’s character, the spoiled department store heiress Brianna Wallace, that makes this movie so amazing. Brianna is determined to steal Jordan from Alex, and the chaos that follows never fails to make us laugh.

Closing Thoughts

From little girls conspiring to take down an evil stepmother in It Takes Two to opposite twins embracing adventure in the city in New York Minute, an Olsen twin movie is guaranteed to hit all the nostalgic feels. Love Evie? Let us know what you love and what else you want to see from us in the official Evie reader survey.

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