‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Fashion Showdown: Camille Vs. Emily

By Alyssa Vandermeulen
·  4 min read
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Season 3 of “Emily in Paris” is finally streaming! Yay! Whether you’ve binge-watched the entire season in one day or haven’t had the time to finish all the episodes yet, you’ve definitely noticed the fashion.

If you haven’t seen the show, we’d recommend starting at season 1! Full of drama, romance, and, well, diverse fashion, Emily in Paris is a fun way to relax after a long day. Emily, played by Lily Collins, is an American who moves to Paris to work for a French marketing company. In Paris, she meets numerous bosses, coworkers, French women, and men, which she has difficulty deciding between (no spoilers here!). 

Fashion is a major aspect of the show, from runway looks to business wear and everything in between. Parisian style, however, is not well represented within Emily’s American identity, and she definitely stands out among the rest of the Parisian characters. Camille, one of Emily’s friends (or maybe rival in the world of love?), embodies the chic Parisian style we might have expected from the entire cast. 

Ready to compare their looks and determine a winner in the Emily in Paris style showdown? 

Yellow Outfit

An obvious win for Camille. On one hand, we have Emily’s obnoxiously bright beret and short sleeve jacket (??) layered over multiple busy prints. On the other hand, Camille’s Parisian chic yellow romper had us swooning. Silky and sophisticated, her look is beautiful. Camille’s whole persona is French elegance, and we are here for it! 

Statement Sleeves

emily in paris plaid dress

While both women definitely make a statement with their sleeves, Camille wins again. The sleeves on her dress are simply gorgeous! The patterns, the neutral color palette, and the light accessories make for a perfect look – arguably one of her best. Emily’s patterned sleeves don’t exactly say “fashionable in the office,” at least not from a Parisian point of view. 

Date Looks

I have more questions about Emily’s outfit in this scene than I have questions about the show in its entirety. What is this? Metallic rainbow zipper shorts with a fuzzy geometric rainbow sweater? Just no. Thank you, Camille, for properly dressing up for a date! The right balance between showing a little skin while still maintaining some classic French pieces like the red lip and the striped sweater. Jeans are better than rainbow zipper shorts, and you can’t change my mind. 

In the Office

emily in paris red spots cardigan
emily in paris wool coats

Okay, I have to hand this one to Emily. Personally, this is one of her only looks on the show that I love. The high-waisted trousers steal the show and pair nicely with the simple red top – this look is pretty much perfect (for an American woman in Paris, anyway). For a show centered on fun and bright fashion, I loved her look a lot. Camille’s chic monochrome look with the oversized black blazer is so well done which is why this is such a toss-up, but in the end, I have to give Emily the win. 

Garden Party

Both of these looks were incredibly gorgeous in their own way. Emily’s dress was toned down compared to the rest of her wardrobe, and the floral pattern was just lovely. Camille’s dress was also stunning. Classy, with feminine details in a gorgeous creamy fabric, Camille’s style is perfection. In line with more traditional Parisian fashion, Camille’s look wins this section of the showdown. Beautiful and sophisticated!

All in the Details

Known for her wild sense of style, with bright bold colors, silhouettes, and conflicting patterns, Emily’s fashion is definitely outside the box. Each of her looks usually includes one random piece of clothing that is at least semi-questionable, like her knee-high yellow socks that ruined the rest of a decently cute outfit. Camille’s look features bold metallic details on a classically French look, with the trousers and the chunky loafers, while still presenting as a high fashion moment. Great work!

It's safe to say that we have a winner! Congrats, Camille, for coming out on top in our Emily in Paris Fashion Showdown!

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of which characters are your personal favorite, the show has a pretty impressive style range among its cast. From bright and bold to classy and chic, the outfits are almost as exciting as the romance! 

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