Prep School Or Paris: The ‘Emily In Paris’ vs ‘Gossip Girl’ Fashion Showdown

There has been a very chic hole in my heart since “Gossip Girl” ended in 2012.

By Alex Clark2 min read
emily-vs-gossip-girl Netflix/Emily In Paris
Netflix/Emily In Paris

I was an OG fan too. I had to order the episode DVDs from Netflix and wait for them to come in the mail! AM I OLD?! Don’t answer that. (I’m 27.) 

When I saw the Emily In Paris ads, I thought, “I bet this will be stupid.” BOY, WAS I PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. It’s not AS good as Gossip Girl (what is, tbh), but it comes pretty darn close for me. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re in a content drought because of COVID so my standards are a little lower. EITHER WAY, no matter what you think about the writing and the storyline, the fashion is TO DIE FOR. 

It’s about time someone compared the most iconic looks from Emily in Paris to Gossip Girl so we can battle it out and see who really is queen, B or E.

Green Jacket

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

It’s not even a question. This one goes to Miss Blair *Dorota voice*. It’s the highlighter yellow bag, polka dots, and Audrey Hepburn gloves for me. Sorry, but bucket hats remind me of that kid in Cheaper by the Dozen with the pet frog. Speaking of frogs, I love both green coats. A statement coat is EVERYTHING and more.

Schoolgirl Chic

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

Second point for Blair here. The beret makes her look more Parisian than Emily! Plus, I’m a sucker for bolder colors. What can I say? The cardigan Emily is wearing is cute, but it also washes her out a little.

Parisian Red Beret

The CW/Gossip Girl / Netflix/Emily In Paris


Super Bright Florals

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

2 points for Emily! I think we’re tied now, right?! I love pattern mixing but the problem with Blair’s outfit here is too many patterns and too many colors. It’s overwhelming. Emily once again kills it in the beret and looks warm and groundbreaking for spring (IYKYK).

Statement Blazer

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

Emily-3, Blair-2. I think I’m partial to berets. Blair’s bag is on the nose for 2007-2010, and it should stay there. The colonial sleeves are a little too George Washington for me. I love politics and a big sleeve like I enjoy eating ice cream and calamari — good on their own, but for the love of the Met steps, please don’t put them together.

Yellow Dress

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

If you even hesitate on this one something’s off with you. Serena hands down. The low messy bun with that neckline is exquisite, and Emily’s Charlotte Russe-looking situation here is too matchy-taxi.

Busy Prints

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

Blair’s look could have had potential if she lost every accessory (hat, scarf, bracelets, bag). WAY TOO MUCH. Whoever the wardrobe stylist for Gossip Girl was has a weakness, and it’s pattern mixing. Not your strong suit, honey, I’m sorry, that’s why this one has to go to Emily. I just realized her belt here is the same one she wore with the yellow dress, but this works better because of the juxtaposition of sweet and hard with the leather and floral combo.

Neon Yellow

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

Neither of these looks are bad, but Blair is a little more glam which I’m partial to, so I’m giving the point to her this round. Only major don’t is the brown bag. Does not go at all. I’m a huge fan of rain boots and beanies, so Emily’s look is one that I would be highly likely to recreate in real life.

Old Hollywood Glamour

The CW/Gossip Girl / Netflix/Emily In Paris

Both of them killed it. But it’s Emily’s creative headband and clutch choice that won me over. Also how cool is it that in this episode Emily plays homage to Gossip Girl herself by saying she loved the show?! That was wild.

Red Coat

Netflix/Emily In Paris / The CW/Gossip Girl

Last one goes to Emily! She pulls off the color red so well, and her hair and makeup here are just worlds away better than Blair’s.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s tally up the votes! In the end, Emily In Paris has a score of 6/10, and Gossip Girl has a score of 4/10, making Emily in Paris the winner! Who did I think was going to win in my heart? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. XOXO, Gossip Clark