Confessions of A Poshaholic: 10 Poshmark Hacks From A True Fanatic

By Anna Livia Brady··  7 min read
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I love Poshmark. I love the idea of buying quality clothes and vintage pieces over fast fashion. While I understand it’s unrealistic to stock my entire wardrobe with pre-owned Burberry coats, I think an intentional purchase here and there can add a great touch to my everyday wear.

We all deserve a little treat occasionally, so this guide is based on my past Poshmark endeavors to show fellow fashionistas how to purchase savvily and score the best deals for your budget. Here are 10 Poshmark hacks from a true fanatic. 

1. Know Thyself 

Your high school teacher was on to something when she said, “Fail to plan and plan to fail.” While I wouldn’t consider a disappointing purchase from Poshmark a failure, it’s not ideal. 

You can avoid wasting money on things you don’t truly love by knowing your measurements and personal style in and out. By understanding what clothes look good on your body type, what colors go best with your skin tone, and which brands’ Instagram pages you frequent you can create a purchase plan that’ll enhance the wardrobe you already have and make you feel great about your purchase. 

gossip girl dress shopping

Feeling a bit lost in finding your vibe? Check out this cute YouTube video about how to build a closet you actually like. It’s a game-changer. 

2. “Picked for You” Is the Pinterest of Poshmark 

For those of you who are new to the poshing world, there is a feature on the left-hand side that states “picked for you.” This is where the Poshmark algorithm curates hundreds of items for you based on your previous purchases and likes. 

This feature isn’t only tempting, it’s flattering. We think, “Who, me? You picked these out for little old me?” Have fun with this tool. But be wary of that voice telling you to impulse buy. You’re on a mission, after all! Think of “picked for you” as the site’s personal Pinterest – it’s nice to look at, but most of the time, we’re not clicking the link and purchasing the item. 

3. Look for Quality Brands 

Once you know what you’re looking for and how much of each item you’ll be placing in your cart, look for pieces from quality brands that’ll last you a long time. When I go shopping, I often look for items to replace threadbare or worn ones in my closet, and I want them to not fall apart on me in a month’s time.

Some of the best purchases I’ve made on Poshmark were from brands like J. Crew, Sebago, and Madewell. Not exactly couture (although I do have a second-hand Burberry coat – total splurge), but I know that these brands make great, timeless staples.

designer clothes

Plus, shopping these brands on Poshmark means you're supporting someone’s small business, not a giant corporation, and you still get your hands on some wonderful clothes. 

4. Filter to “New with Tags” 

Wait, why is she telling us to buy new things from Poshmark? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of “thrifting”? 

Not exactly. See, Poshmark sellers are wanting to clear all kinds of closet clutter, and that includes brand new items that they either forgot about or didn’t return to the stores in time. As a result, not only are these pieces technically “second-hand” (and better for the environment), they’re brand-new. Win-win! 

To utilize this strategy, simply select the New with Tags “NWT” filter under the “condition” option. 

5. Shoes Are the Smartest Purchase  

Don’t know where to start in your Poshmark journey? Keep an eye out for things that are rare to find at your local thrift store. For me, shoes are always difficult to score at Goodwill. They’re either the wrong size or not in great condition, or I get a pair out of panic. Also, does anyone else hate trying on shoes in public? 

sex and the city statement heels carrie

I’ve been able to find some great shoes on Poshmark – from a pair of iconic Hilfigers to a worn-once pair of loafers that would stop Charlie Puth in his tracks. If you’re going to buy one thing from Poshmark, make it a pair of close-to-new, high-quality shoes. 

6. A Great Pair of Jeans Are the Second Smartest 

The next thing I look for is jeans, particularly vintage wide or straight-leg ones. Buying jeans brand-new is so expensive, and who knows what controversial companies big jean manufacturers are donating to these days (I’d rather not stand with Planned Parenthood if I can help it). 

I just feel better spending $50-60 on a Poshmark pair than $100 + at the mall. Plus, as you may have guessed already, you can find tons of brand-new options on the site, some still in their original packaging! Keep a special eye out for Levi’s 501 jeans. Not only are they iconic, but they’re often out of stock on Levi’s main site. 

7. A Quality Dress Is Also a Major Score

2022 has seen a resurgence in the maxi dress, only this time, it’s all about marrying timeless, crisp fabrics with buttons, wide belts, and just a hint of sensuality. I couldn’t be happier about it – you pop a great frock on, it covers all it needs to cover, and you go to church or on a date looking like a million bucks. 

taylor swift twirling dress

Pro tip: look for the brands that you know are going to give off the vibe you’re looking for. Want a boho dress? Search Anthropologie. Want something more Coastal Grandmother Chic? Type in “Quince” or "Hill House Home." 

8. Each Item Should Go with 3 Pieces You Own Already

Statement pieces are wonderful. I find myself constantly tempted to buy new and eccentric things just to stand out or be different, and I’m sure (or at least I’m hoping) a lot of other women feel the same. My challenge to all thus inclined is to take a step back from that one-shoulder ruffle top you’re eyeing and think, “What three pieces do I already own that could go with this?” 

If you find it easy to think of three or more things, that’s a good sign. If you’re drawing a blank, it may be best to skip that item in favor of more classics that'll fit into your capsule wardrobe.

9. Wait 3 Days Before Making a Final Decision 

Okay, now that you have a good picture in your head of what your new item could add to your closet, it’s time to wait. The geniuses behind Poshmark know that we feel we need to buy an item right away so no one else takes it, but in my experience, waiting three days before hitting “purchase” has been good for my sanity and my wallet. 

walk away strong and frugal

I cautiously urge fellow Poshmark buyers to do the same. Worst case scenario, if someone else buys something you had your eye on, at least you grow in patience. After all, curating your wardrobe should be as much about self-discovery as it is about making purchases. 

10. Feel Free To Sell – But Know What It Takes 

So far, I’ve given my two cents on the buying part of Poshmark, but what about the selling side? I have sold a couple of things on Poshmark, and I’m glad I did, but since I lack the time and energy to negotiate prices back and forth with potential customers, I don’t consider it worth it. 

That being said, if you have retail experience and/or just want to give it a shot, go for it! Keep in mind that Poshmark keeps a hefty commission on whatever you sell, and you’ll of course have to supply your own packing materials. But they’ve undoubtedly provided great opportunities to those who Marie Kondo their overcrowded closets. Check out this YouTube video for more tips on selling on Poshmark. 

Closing Thoughts

Discovering and embracing your personal style is a joy. It’s such a confidence booster to find items that make us feel our best and to wear them proudly. After using Poshmark for a couple of years, I’ve been able to do exactly that, and create a wardrobe that feels 100% like me. I hope after reading this that you’re inspired to treat yourself to an affordable, authentically “you” item or two, whether on Poshmark or otherwise. 

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