Christian Influencer Slammed For Posting "Immodest" Picture

A woman decided to share her outfit for Sunday Mass and got accused of being "immodest."

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Amber Rose

Posting an innocent selfie in 2023 is apparently not allowed. Amber Rose, a Catholic social media personality, decided to share the outfit she was wearing to Mass on X – and it backfired. So, what is this outrageous wardrobe that Rose picked out? It's a blue above-the-knee Calvin Klein dress paired with a white cardigan. Oh, the scandal!

"You should stop doing this, what's the point on it?" asked @Xavilupe in the comment section, "to have simps around you? looking for attention? Because 90% of likes are from men." Maybe it's his first time on the internet. If you're a pretty girl, you'll naturally gain attention from men, in real life and online. Men are out here liking and commenting on photos of AI-generated women, for goodness' sake.

"Stop turning Catholic men into simps," said @KonkyBones. Interesting how we're blaming a woman for men's uncontrollable lust. If they can't handle a harmless picture of a pretty girl on the internet and it triggers them, maybe they should stay offline altogether.

For the record, Rose is happily engaged, and some men think her fiancé should bar her from being on social media. @MementoMori_JMJ – a Catholic poster on X – had the audacity to write, "If I were her fiancé, I'd tell her she needs to delete her account or the wedding is off. No man needs to be married to a woman who has 25k 'followers' (largely consisting of men like this). A modest Catholic fiancé/wife shouldn't be posting 'Mass fit' photos for likes." I'm confused. Is this guy a believer in Catholicism or Islam? It's also important to note that X is male-dominated, with 68.1% of the users being men. Only 31.9% of X users are female. That means most people on the platform will attract a lot of men.

I have to add that there were also a good amount of men in the comment section and quote tweets who came to Rose's defense. Breathe a sigh of relief, because this shows us that there are still a lot of great guys out there who care for us.

Let's be real. If Rose weren't conventionally attractive, the "red pill" guys on X wouldn't give her such a hard time. Women like Rose – who dare to share their lives and give advice on social media – constantly find themselves at the center of harsh judgment. If a woman shows too much skin, she's often labeled a "slut." But even when they opt for modesty, it's not enough – she's still an "attention seeker." This constant policing, this incessant shaming, goes beyond mere fashion choices; it speaks to a broader problem (that I fear is growing) where women are hated for simply existing. These days, women are bombarded with negative comments and criticism regardless of what they do or wear.

I love that social media has given everyone the freedom to express themselves and share their message. It's unfortunate that it has also amplified the voices of those who are insecure and seek to project their pain onto women. These comments that I shared with you are just a glimpse into the vitriol that females like Rose face daily. Some people may argue that this kind of behavior is only online. That's partly true, but what men are reading on social media greatly affects their belief systems and views on women and society, which are carried out in real life. If these niche, toxic communities continue to grow, the gender wars will only get worse.

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