Can You Mix Silver And Gold Jewelry? Here’s How To Do It Properly

One of the most asked questions in the style world relates to the shiniest of our accessories. Can you mix silver and gold jewelry without looking gaudy?

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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You may favor one over the other (gold girlie, here!) or find yourself eyeing different pieces all the time. Gold had its social media moment with the coastal grandmother and clean girl aesthetics that grasped the influencer market over the last few years, but silver is trending currently with Gen Z style. Jewelry brands are releasing trendy and timeless pieces in both tones, so you can find cute pieces no matter your preference. 

And just a reminder, if your goal is to collect classic pieces that won’t be out of style next year, avoid building your collection with large, colorful, or even rose gold pieces that won't last. Basic pieces like dainty earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and a classic watch will be worn on repeat, whereas charm bracelets and large, outdated crystal necklaces will be out with the next donation pile. Don’t be like Phoebe from Friends!

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How To Mix Silver and Gold Jewelry

The key when layering different metals is to start small. Dainty pieces should be the base of your look, and then you can add details in other metals. For example, if you want to layer two different toned necklaces, choose a thin silhouette in both pieces for effortless styling that won’t take away from the rest of your look. 

It’s also important to stick to one tone for both your gold and silver jewelry when mixing them together. Multiple tones of gold plus multiple tones of silver create a messy, cheap look that doesn’t accomplish your intended goal. This general rule goes for tarnished or damaged pieces as well. Don’t distract from your look with poorly maintained or cheaply made jewelry!

Simplicity wins when mixing metals like silver and gold. When it comes to layering rings, keep silver on one hand and gold on the other hand. Many women have a silver wedding ring, and they may feel limited or left out of gold jewelry trends, but you can easily mix and match by keeping each metal to its own hand. Or, stack multiple thin rings on various fingers and build your look this way! 

If you love bracelets, another easy way to style both gold and silver jewelry in the same look is by collecting the same style bracelet in both metals. These are easy to layer and create a purposeful look that compliments the rest of your jewelry. Sometimes bracelets are available in sets, or you can build your own set with multiples of your favorite piece. 

Another great way to mix silver and gold pieces is with a statement piece that includes both metals. Due to the increase in mixed metal jewelry layering, jewelry brands are offering silver and gold pieces that highlight each metal in a pretty and classy demonstration. One of these pieces can add a cohesive touch to the rest of your mixed metal look. 

Shopping Recommendations for Silver and Gold Jewelry

Feeling inspired to update your jewelry collection? Check out these gorgeous pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching! 

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