Are Celebrities Firing Stylist Kate Young? Here's Why That's A Good Thing

Kate Young has been receiving heavy criticism over her red-carpet choices, and some of her A-list clients have switched to different stylists – and we don't blame them.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
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The name “Kate Young” may not be as recognizable as Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, but trust me – you’ve seen her work. It’s all over Hollywood. Some of the biggest stars in the world trust her, but people on social media are making it clear that they don't.

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Who Is Kate Young?

Kate Young, 47, isn’t just a celebrity stylist; she’s earned the labels “The Most Powerful Stylist” three times by The Hollywood Reporter and "Stylist of the Year" by Instyle. Young was a former assistant to Vogue's Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman and has been styling A-listers for over a decade. Her clients include Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel Weisz, and more.

Recently, however, Young hasn’t been getting recognition from fashion fans. People have noticed that Young’s usual clients have been getting dressed by other stylists, leaving many to speculate that multiple celebrities have fired her. For years, Young was Margot Robbie’s stylist, but she switched to Andrew Mukamal for the Barbie press tours. The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has been trending on social media for months thanks to her new glamorous outfits, courtesy of celeb stylist Jamie Mizrahi. 

The rumor of Young getting fired was fueled when a fan messaged DeuxMoi (a popular celeb gossip account) and asked about the allegations surrounding the stylist. Their submission read, “Hi, deux, we're dying to get the scoop about what is happening to Kate Young that most of her A-list clients are choosing to go with other stylists now?” It continued, “First Margot left for Andrew Mukamal whose current looks for Barbie's press are killing it for her. Then JLaw hired Jamie Mizrahi for her latest red carpets and now even Selena Gomez just got styled by Erin Walsh. What's the tea there? Did the social media backlash for the sometimes awful looks finally caught up to her?"

But first, let’s talk about these “awful looks” done by Young.

Kate Young’s Choices Are Interesting 

You can’t make Margot Robbie or Scarlett Johansson appear mediocre on the red carpet, but Young sure can! If you're getting styled by Hollywood’s “Most Powerful Stylist,” it’s safe to say that you expect to appear spectacular and be regarded as one of the “best-dressed” of the night. Yet, according to social media users, Young chooses garments that are flat-out boring, unflattering, and old-lady-like.

Just look at the photo of Johansson below. It's giving Halloween and candy corn.

I'm not sure what happened here. Maybe Young was playing a game with Robbie, and the rule was that she had to dress her up in five minutes.

Silhouettes are important. You've got A-line, sheath, hourglass, empire waist, ball gown, trumpet, shift, and... whatever this is.

Sophie Turner is so cute as a circus mime!

No comment.

Young's work isn't all bad, though. She has some great choices and consistently makes Dakota Johnson look glamorous at events. There's actually an ongoing joke on X among fashion fans that she's Young's favorite client.

The question remains though: why didn't she dress Robbie like this?

Why Are Celebrities Working with Other Stylists?

Okay, first things first, we don't know for sure if Young's clients fired her. There's no rule that celebrities can only use one stylist, and it's possible they hired someone else for different events. Many people just noticed that her usual clients recently hired other stylists, and they ended up with better results – but the details remain murky. Nevertheless, let's review why people think Young's customers may be working with other stylists.

Other than her strange fashion picks, some theorize that Young chose deals over conscious styling. "I think she was prioritizing deals and partnerships over what actually flattered her clients. She was prob getting a kickback from the design houses," wrote @Illustrious_Salad346 on a Reddit discussion about Young. It does seem like the 47-year-old focuses on the brand rather than what actually suits her clients. Last year, Young placed Gomez in not one, but two Mango looks. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't match the singer's vibe at all.

Robbie was also placed in Chanel dresses by Young many times, a brand that repeatedly failed to bring out her beauty at premieres. But when Mukamal dressed her in Chanel for the recent press tours, Robbie served, proving that Chanel isn't the problem. Is it possible that Young is selecting wardrobes from her partners with little regard for her clients? Or could it be that Young picks what she likes rather than carefully crafting pieces that flatter stars? When styling an A-lister, picking out a cute dress isn't enough, and Law Roach – Zendaya's famous stylist – has shown us this.

Why It’s a Good Thing If Stars Are Ditching Kate Young

Roach goes above and beyond, and his work reflects this. He crafts an entire mood board for his clients. His ultimate goal is to make women look and feel beautiful. “I live in this fantasy world where women are my superheroes,” Roach told Vogue. “I think that what maybe separates me from other [stylists] is that I really work hard to find who the person is. I don't want to ever change that; I just want to help elevate it; for them to be the best version of themselves.”

He added, "It’s not the way that I make my clients look – it’s how I make them feel.” In other words, Roach doesn't make styling about him; he makes it about his clients and performs like the fairy godmother of the Hollywood Cinderellas.

Andrew Mukamal is no different. He was given "Barbie" as an assignment for Robbie's press tours this year, and Mukamal nailed it every time. Jamie Mizrahi's name has also been trending recently because of JLaw's impressive glow-up, and Selena Gomez's fans are thanking Erin Walsh for the singer's recent transformation.

All four stylists – Roach, Mukamal, Walsh, and Mizrahi – do an amazing job of elevating women and their beauty. They do what Young cannot: enhance their client's appearance rather than diluting it, carefully considering clothing, hairstyles, and accessories that not only flatter their physique, skin tone, and features but ensure to craft the image that aligns with their personal brand. Stars deserve an expert stylist who cares about them and makes them look and feel their best.

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