Are Brazilian Butt Lifts A Thing Of The Past? The Kardashians Seem To Have Removed Their Implants

The Kardashian sisters are famous for their curvy figures, but many suspect that they’ve had some surgical help along the way.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read
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Many fans (and haters) suspect that many of the KarJenner sisters have had Brazilian butt lifts, but fans have also noticed that both Kim and Khloe Kardashian look like they’ve slimmed down over the past few months... in one area in particular. Many fans speculate that they’ve gotten their implants removed – does this indicate a major shift in American beauty standards is coming?

What’s a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The procedure of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) sounds relatively simple, but it’s actually very dangerous. Fat is removed from one part of the body, known as the “problem area” (like the tummy or hips), and placed into the buttocks for a more voluptuous look while simultaneously slimming down the “problem area.” The surgery takes three hours to perform, and the recovery process can take up to six weeks. The procedure is the riskiest of all plastic surgeries due to the increased risk of fat embolisms, which is when “fat gets into the bloodstream and stops circulation.” As if that isn't scary enough, BBLs have also been linked to cancer.

Much of the BBL’s popularity can be linked to the Kardashian sisters, mainly Kim and Khloe (although it's speculated that Kylie Jenner also got a BBL). Though Kim became famous in the early 2000s for her voluptuous behind, many believe that it’s not 100% natural and that Khloe followed in her footsteps. 

It doesn’t take a doctor to realize that some of their older photos look unnatural, and many also believe that both sisters have recently removed their implants, even though neither Kim nor Khloe has confirmed that they had BBLs in the first place.

Did the Kardashians Remove Their Implants? 

Both Kim and Khloe look smaller in recent photos, leading many fans to believe that both of them got their butt implants removed. Regarding Kim, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe believes that it’s possible that Kim had work done to shrink her backside. He told Radar Online, “Kim’s buttock definitely looks smaller than it used to, so either she had padded underwear on for most of 2017, or she had a buttock augmentation that has diminished. In my opinion, I believe that she had a filler-based buttock augmentation that now has begun to absorb and diminish, resulting in her newly trim figure. It’s possible that Kim’s smaller curves are a result of natural weight loss, but a decrease in the size of buttock with weight loss would depend on the type of material that was used for her augmentation in the first place.”

Khloe’s change has been more gradual, but fans are speculating that she had butt implants removed as well. It’s entirely possible that this change has come from working out and eating healthy (Khloe has denied having any plastic surgery other than a nose job), but fans can’t help but take note of her slimmer figure that’s been photographed over the past few months. 

Though we’ll probably never be certain if Kim or Khloe got BBLs and had them removed, one thing we know for sure is both women are noticeably slimmer.

Beauty Trends and Standards Come and Go, So Why Are We Altering Our Bodies To Fit Them?

Beauty standards are continually shifting. Marilyn Monroe was the beauty icon of the 1950s due to her hourglass figure while the super-thin "heroin-chic" style dominated the ‘90s and 2000s. Curves came back in style in the 2010s due to the Kardashians, and the slim-thick (slim yet curvy in the chest and hips) look is still very much in style. Beauty trends come and go, and standards evolve over time.

Think about lip fillers for a second. They weren’t on anyone’s radar 10 years ago, but then they became fashionable when Kylie Jenner popularized them in 2015. Since then, it seems like every celebrity from actresses to models to influencers have had their lips done, and you can get them done at almost any medical spa or dermatologist’s office. We often forget how new lip fillers are because they’re so common, but they’re a relatively recent beauty phenomenon. However, lip fillers are a lot safer than BBLs, and they don’t last nearly as long. With the risks that come along with the BBL, is it really worth it to get a cosmetic procedure that will inevitably go out of style?

Our answer is obviously no. Though you’re free to make your own choices, it’s important to weigh the risks of any beauty or plastic surgery procedure (anything from Botox to a BBL) before getting it and to thoroughly research how long the effects will last and what the potential side effects are. What's trending among celebrities and influencers in regards to beauty changes all the time, often at the drop of a hat, so we think it’s best to embrace your natural beauty and figure and love yourself as you are.

Closing Thoughts

Beauty trends and standards evolve and change with time, and you don’t need to look far back in history to see this. With Kim and Khloe Kardashian allegedly removing their BBLs, we think there’s another significant shift on the horizon.

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