Amanda Bynes' Alleged Secret X (Twitter) Account May Tell The Truth About Dan Schneider And "Hairspray" Co-Star John Travolta

Amanda Bynes was rumored to have an X (formerly Twitter) account while she was under conservatorship under the name "Ashley Banks." The account made numerous claims about a "boss" who impregnated a 13-year-old, with people speculating that it's about Dan Schneider.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Has the Nickelodeon child star been trying to tell us the truth for years?

According to journalist Liz Crokin, X users found an account (@PersianLa27, now private) that may belong to Amanda Bynes. Under the name "Ashley Banks" – with a profile picture of Bynes – the user alleged that she was used for her talent while millions of dollars were stolen from her. The account also shared an image of Bynes' driver's license in 2017. "It is ME! Authentic. Often imitated by never duplicated," she wrote at the time. "I refuse to be silenced! My friends know how to reach me! Xoxo."

"The jig is up," one post read. "They used me and my talent only to have me committed and steal MILLIONS!"

Another said, "Have you ever had to beg for your own money? Make millions since the ripe age of 7 like a show dog only for the state to steal your bones?" According to USA Today, Bynes began professionally acting at age 7.

Perhaps some of the most shocking tweets from the account were the claims about Bynes' Hairspray co-star, John Travolta. "It bothers me that John Travolta is not being treated as Billy Cosby is," one of the posts said. "John Travolta is a pervert! I know this!"

They continued, "White privilege at its best! John Travolta is a sexual monster! #BillCosby."

"He always had men in his trailer. MEN. I walked in on him & another 'male masseur' and was nearly fired! He's sick," they added. "If you want to f*ck men then that's adorbz but when you SEXUALLY ABUSE, assault, & harrass these men then you must face justice!"

Crokin corroborates these allegations, writing on X, "I can confirm since I have done stories on him and talked to sources who had valid claims Travolta sexually assaulted them and/or made unwanted predatory sexual advances on them."

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In 2012, the Grease actor faced a federal lawsuit that accused him of assault and sexual battery on two massage therapists. Travolta allegedly groped a masseur "repeatedly and finally masturbated himself during the two-hour session in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel." His lawyer described these claims as “complete fiction.” Could there be some truth to the allegations that were supposedly made by The Amanda Show star?

Did Amanda Bynes Expose Dan Schneider?

In a different tweet, Banks wrote: "Can you imagine having an abortion at 13 because your boss impregnanted you? Committed because your father touched you?" TikTokers believe that the "boss" in question is Dan Schneider, but this remains unconfirmed.

A scene from The Amanda Show – when Bynes was only 13 – may have contributed to ongoing speculation regarding her alleged teen pregnancy. This scene, featuring a baby and the mention of "an empty stomach" (suggestively alluding to abortion), went viral on TikTok as Nickelodeon's past came to light.

"The reference to a baby in this scene, given what she details on her twitter account is disturbing," the caption on the video reads. "It's so sickening they did this to her and no adults stopped it." Someone in the comment section added how the male character in the scene "kinda resembles Dan."

Recently, a video of Dan Schneider and a young Bynes resurfaced on social media. His questionable and perverted directing in Nickelodeon has also come to light following the release of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV .

In Blind Item from 2018, an actress sent the blogger the following message: "i Don't know how Any of these MeN sleep at night, but if there's one thing i Do know Is that that's Done in the dark, always comes to lighT! xoxo." Social media users wondered if the message was from Bynes and noted how the capital letters in the message spelled out "Dan did it."

Given the disturbing information from the docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV and her history, it's clear that Bynes was wronged by the adults in her life.

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