Addison Rae Has Left Some Clues That Indicate She Might Guest Star In Season 3 Of "Euphoria"

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Addison Rae Euphoria

HBO's "Euphoria" had a record-breaking viewership of its second season finale that the network hasn't seen since the "Game of Thrones" finale. More than 6.6 million viewers tuned in for the episode.

The award-winning show has been the talk of town throughout the entire second season. Actresses like Minka Kelly and Sydney Sweeney admitted they felt uncomfortable being nude on set, and a background actor shared details of how overworked the extras felt on set after grueling 16-hour workdays. In the midst of all the hoopla, Addison Rae has been dropping hints all over the internet that have fans convinced that she is going to guest star in season three of Euphoria.

Addison Rae Left Some Cryptic "Euphoria" Messages on Her Instagram and Twitter

It all started in January when Addison told MTV that she loves the cast of the hit show. “I really just love all of the girls that are on it,” said. “Sydney [Sweeney]’s amazing, Alex [Demie]’s amazing, obviously Zendaya’s amazing. But they’re all really sweet. Well, I’ve met Alexa, and she was really, really sweet. And I would love to work with her.”

Then on Valentine's Day Addison shared a photo of herself on a staircase wearing a white two-piece with angel wings. "stairway to heaven," she wrote in the caption. The whole aesthetic of it is so very Euphoria, from the color scheme to the setting to the general vibe.

It even got one fan commenting, "Addison are u in Euphoria?"

The next set of photos posted on the same day had the same exact aesthetic as the ones on the staircase. This time Addison is on the floor of a kitchen and standing on a bed with a lampshade on her head. Again, the same aesthetic as the set of Euphoria.

And fans couldn't forget her tweet on the day of the Euphoria season two finale.

"Don’t forget to watch euphoria tonight ;)" she wrote. After fans responded in a frenzy wondering if this was a major hint at her guest starring in season three, she followed up with yet another cryptic tweet.

"Why’s everyone freaking out? I was just posting a friendly reminder since it’s Sunday.. anyways.. :P" Addison wrote.

There hasn't been any action on Addison's pages since then that would indicate that she will appear in season three, but there are plenty of fans out there who are convinced that it's going to happen.

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