A 'Euphoria' Extra Opened Up About Her Experience On Set And Admitted She "Was Miserable"

People can't stop talking about HBO's hit show "Euphoria." It's known for its rated-R content, such as drug use and sex scenes, but there have also been some actresses who said they felt uncomfortable with all the unnecessary nudity on set.

By Gina Florio1 min read

Actress Sydney Sweeney came forward to say that she asked the director Sam Levinson to cut out some of the nudity in season 2 of Euphoria because it was wasn't needed for her character's storyline. He agreed to remove it from the show. But yet another actress came forward with a similar story. Minka Kelly said she "didn't feel comfortable standing there naked," and instead asked Levinson if they could find an alternative to her dress completely falling to the ground.

A Background Actor Came Forward To Talk about Her On-Set Experience

Yet another person who was on the set of Euphoria has come forward to say that she also didn't feel comfortable, but this time it wasn't about nudity. In a TikTok video, background actor Rainelle Marie talked about her experience filming episode seven. This episode focused on Lexi's school play and the various character storylines taking place around it.

“The play and the audience scenes actually took forever for them to film, like it took weeks for them to film just this episode, which is honestly crazy," Rainelle said in her video.

She shared a screenshot of the audience in one of the scenes, pointing out that "there's a lot of inconsistencies in the background because of it." She said, "obviously people didn't want to return," including herself.

"Like, I didn't because I was miserable," she said.

Using green screen, Rainelle also pointed in the audience that Dominic Fike, who plays Elliot, had to be replaced with a "bootleg" version of himself because he stepped back from filming any more footage that day.

In the comment section, she shared that work days were 16 hours long, and that the extras were not told beforehand how long they were expected to be there. Even though she was a Euphoria fan, she got bored just sitting there. "After a while I'd get numb and just wanna go home," she wrote in the comment section.

At this point more people are talking about the set of Euphoria rather than the show itself.