‘90s Supermodel Kate Moss Is The OG Cool Girl. Here’s How To Dress Like Her

Kate Moss’s look and style were a defining part of the ‘90s fashion scene. To dress like Moss is to dress like the ultimate supermodel and cool girl.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
90s Supermodel Kate Moss Is The OG Cool Girl

At the start of her career, Kate Moss was only 14 years old, and though now considered to be the quintessential supermodel, she was at the time actually seen as the “anti-supermodel.” After all, at only 5’7” she was considered short by the fashion industry’s standards, and her waif-like figure was very different from the curvier figures of models in the ‘80s. 

She would quickly become the face of the ‘90s after being in a very publicized Calvin Klein campaign and starring on the cover of British Vogue. Unfortunately, due to her thin figure and party lifestyle, which Moss would later come to regret and renounce for one focused on health, her work was met with much public criticism. But despite the scrutiny that her figure and her persona often received from the media, Moss would go on to have one of the most successful and renowned modeling careers of all time. 

Once a woman known for her quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” Kate Moss, now 47, chooses to prioritize her health while she focuses on her forays into fashion with a TopShop clothing line, on her talent agency Kate Moss Agency, and on being a mother to her daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack (who is now a model herself). 

As a fashion icon of the 1990s and forever the muse of fashion designers, let’s take a look at some of Kate Moss’s best looks for some true ‘90s supermodel style inspiration.

Black Tank Tops

The looks Kate Moss wore for campaigns and down countless fashion runways may have been elaborate, but in real life, Moss’s style was much more paired down. This black tank is simple but one of my favorite looks of hers that captures the natural look she was so famous for.

White Monochrome

Supermodels have access to all the clothes in the world, but even they know that simple is often the better way to go. So in a classic white shirt and white jeans, Moss looks relaxed and at her best. 

A Black and White Floral Dress

There’s nothing more glamorous than a great dress. This one shows a different side of Kate, who could most often be spotted in grunge-inspired looks when off-set. The crazy part is a glamorous dress is often less effort than a so-called casual outfit – you just need shoes and you’re finished!

A Fluffy White Coat

This coat is one that Kate has re-worn over the years. Moss gives it a certain allure and pulls it off so effortlessly. A white faux fur coat might be hard to wear as casually as Moss did, but over a party dress at Christmastime it will bring lots of compliments. Have the confidence to get a little outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve always wanted to.

A Leopard Print Bag

The leopard bag has come back as a trend that can be spotted on many members of Gen Z, but before it became popularized on social media, it was being worn by the likes of Kate Moss. With her complementary camel coat, Kate rocks her somewhat hard-to-wear animal print bag effortlessly. 

The Famous Feather Dress

Moss was usually much more paired down, but at the Cannes Film Festival alongside Johnny Depp, she looked elegant with her hair done up in a sleek bun that let her black feather dress shine. A dress like this is the perfect choice for your next party.

A more classic take on the LBD also makes an excellent alternative to the fun feather dress.

The Leather Jacket

Kate Moss was the epitome of grunge style in the ‘90s. A leather jacket was one of her signature looks and remains a style staple that every woman should have in her closet. 

The Slip Dress

The slip dress was a ‘90s staple and one that Kate Moss would give her seal of approval time and time again. But my personal favorite was this long white slip dress that she adorned with a beautiful diamond necklace. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's

While obviously from a campaign, I love this photo of Moss in a very Holly Golightly-esq shoot. The teased hair and nightgown with everything chaotically strewn about in front of the fridge makes for a subtle nod to the classic film. She really only needs a cat to complete the look. 

This other photograph of Moss also subtly referenced Holly Golightly from the ending scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Moss’s wet hair and trench coat. Kate aced the expression for this shot. 

A Blazer and Big Hair

Continuing with the big hair theme, Kate Moss looks fabulously undone in her classic striped blazer with her teased (but still very loose) ponytail. This one is an easy look to try yourself this fall. Maybe just take the teased hair down a notch.


Kate was given the opportunity to walk for Versace many times over the years. And it’s easy to see why they continued to have her back. She pulls the looks off perfectly!  The next time you have on a glamorous outfit, try doing these Kate Moss inspired classic, bouncy curls to complete your look.

Beach Style

Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t look super stylish. I love Kate’s pink coverup in this photograph. To get her look, wear a frosted blue eyeshadow for a pop of color on your eyelids and a barely-there rosy lip balm. 

The Yellow Dress

This famous shot of Kate and Naomi Campbell is a classic, and her pale yellow dress is stunning. It reminds me of the one Kate Hudson wore while playing Andie Anderson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Moss is a true style icon, and her famous looks are always being recreated. 

Closing Thoughts

Kate Moss was a defining part of ‘90s fashion and pop-culture. To this day she’s still a great source for ‘90s style inspiration as one of the original supermodels to create the famous off-duty look.  No matter what occasion you have to dress for, there’s probably a Kate Moss look that would suit. 

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