9 Self-Improvement Podcasts That Aren’t Boring To Listen To That’ll Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

New year, new you? Make that dream more than just a dream – make it a reality with some of the podcasts on this list!

By Ella Carroll-Smith3 min read
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We all love podcasts. Whether you’re commuting to work, taking the dog for a walk, or just cleaning the house, putting on a podcast is a great way to learn something new or feel entertained while you get things done. So why not make one of the podcasts in your rotation focused on self-improvement? That way you can work on improving your life while you vacuum the living room. Two birds, one stone and all that. Here are some podcasts that will keep you feeling motivated and ensure that 2023 is the best year yet!

1. Love. Life. with Matthew Hussey

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there is wisdom in this podcast. Matthew Hussey is a relationship coach with decades of experience, a good dose of humility, and a great sense of humor. His podcast delivers a lot of sage advice for women who are looking for love in today’s cold dating climate, like what to look for in a partner, how to spot red flags, and how to have better conversations via text when it feels like you’re messaging with a wall. Matt and his team will make you laugh so you don’t cry about the state of your love life! Check it out now. 

2. The Tony Robbins Podcast

When you think of self-help gurus, Tony Robbins is probably one of the first names that comes to mind. He’s an inspirational speaker, author, philanthropist, and – of course – podcast host. Tony has been in the self-help game for decades, and at this point, he’s improved the lives of countless people. He’s passionate about helping people accomplish their goals and encourages them to get real about their problems before seeking to solve them. His podcast covers just about every self-help topic imaginable. Check it out!

3. The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll has lived an interesting life. He started out as an overweight entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles who struggled with a severe alcohol addiction problem before transforming his entire life. Now, he’s a health-obsessed ultramarathon runner who’s completed multiple Ironmans and Ultramans. His story is inspiring, and in his podcast, he seeks to imbue his listeners with similar inspiration. Rich’s podcast covers a range of different topics, such as health, fitness, art, entertainment, spirituality, and more. If you want to learn something new and “unleash your best, most authentic self,” then this podcast is for you. Check it out! 

4. The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Host Duff the Psych bills this show as a “podcast that answers YOUR questions about mental health WITHOUT the psychobabble bullsh*t,” which is something I think we can all get behind. This podcast covers a range of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, relationships, addiction, and more. Duff is down to earth and speaks to you like you’re an actual human being. No matter what you’re struggling with right now, there’s likely something in this podcast for you. Check it out!

5. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Dan Harris is a retired journalist/news anchor whose on-air panic attack in 2004 drove him to drastically improve the quality of his life through the practice of mediation. He now hosts a podcast where he has guests ranging from the Dalai Lama to Karamo to Queer Eye. Harris believes that happiness is a skill you can improve with practice and discusses science-based techniques for how to reduce anxiety, improve productivity, and have healthier relationships. If you’re looking to work on any of those areas of your life in the new year, give this podcast a listen. Check it out!

6. The Genius Life

If your main goal in 2023 is to improve your physical health, then this is the podcast for you. Host Max Lugavere is the author of Genius Foods, which is about how to heal your body with real, nutrient-dense foods. This podcast expands on that topic, and while Max’s focus is typically physical health, his approach is holistic and he covers mental health as well. Max isn’t afraid to go against the grain, question the current zeitgeist, and ruffle feathers. He’s a refreshing and much-needed independent voice in today’s world. Whether you want to improve your body or your mind (or both!) in 2023, Max’s podcast is a great listen. Check it out!

7. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Grief affects us all in some way or another. Sometimes the first step towards better mental health is admitting that you’re not okay. If you’ve lost a loved one this year and know 2023 will be difficult, but still wish to improve your mindset in the new year, then this podcast is for you. Host Nora McInery is not afraid to ask hard questions, go to uncomfortable places, and truly deconstruct all the different aspects of grief. Check it out! 

8. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Brené Brown skyrocketed to fame after her uber-popular Ted Talk back in 2011, which has now garnered more than 18 million views. Brown believes that embracing vulnerability is the secret to living a happier and more meaningful life. She’s warm, humble, and has a great sense of humor. If you’re looking for a podcast that will make you laugh while you ask yourself tough questions, then this show is definitely worth your while. Check it out!

9. The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

Every year you make the same resolutions: eat healthier food, hit the gym more often, quit drinking so much coffee. And every year, you fail to achieve them. If that sounds familiar, then it’s time for you to work on building better habits – for real this time. The Habit Coach podcast will help you do just that. Host Ashdin Doctor (who, ironically, is not actually a doctor) will teach you how to both create and foster better habits. Most of the episodes are short and easily digestible, and will help you finally achieve those New Year's resolutions that have eluded you year after year. Check it out!

Closing Thoughts

Self-improvement isn’t just a goal, it’s a way of life. No matter where you are or how much you’ve accomplished, you should always set new goals and seek to improve in some area of your life. Hopefully, the podcasts on this list will help you do just that!

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