7 Foolproof Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

Being attractive is about much more than having a naturally symmetrical face or a very specific body type.

By Keelia Clarkson4 min read

Physical attractiveness has become somewhat of a hot-button issue. While on one side of the aisle, we hear voices telling us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, completely subjective, and that there’s no universal definition of beauty. On the other side of the argument, we hear voices asking why women should even care if men find them physically attractive – that attempting to be perceived as attractive by the opposite sex is a waste of our time.

But here’s the thing. Physical attractiveness isn’t entirely subjective, for men or women. While the actors and actresses who are universally thought to be attractive don’t all share the same facial features (for example, Anya Taylor Joy and Zendaya, or Ryan Gosling and Henry Golding are all widely considered to be attractive while looking nothing alike), there’s still somewhat of an objective beauty standard that comes into play when we’re assessing someone’s looks. More often than not, whether or not we take a second glance has a whole lot to do with facial symmetry. Those with pretty faces are often said to possess the coveted Golden Ratio.

And while the notion of, “Why should we care at all what men think about our makeup/hair/body/clothes?” is an understandable reaction to the unhealthy pressure and unfair judgments many women feel when it comes to their physical appearance, it’s also one that denies the reality of our biology. We should want to be seen as attractive to men, just as they desire for us to think they’re handsome.

This is a bit confusing, isn’t it? There’s at least somewhat of an objective beauty standard, but we should also put effort into becoming more attractive? To some, this might sound like a losing battle – but it actually isn’t at all. The idea of physical attractiveness can leave many women thinking, “Well, I don’t have the Golden Ratio, so I guess I’ll never be pretty,” or “My body doesn’t look like Scarlett Johansson’s, so I must not be attractive.” But despite there being some objectivity to beauty, physical attractiveness is about far more than having a certain jawline or a specific waist-to-hip ratio.

Attractiveness isn’t all about angles and ratios. No matter your body type or facial structure, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more attractive.

Learn the Simple Art of Makeup

Wearing makeup isn’t about hiding yourself underneath a layer of concealer, falsies, and liquid lipstick. It isn’t about using contour to carve yourself a new face. This kind of makeup application only serves to build your insecurities. 

Instead, makeup should be about highlighting the beauty, angles, and features you naturally possess. Makeup ought to make you feel more confident and beautiful in your skin rather than feel like a security blanket. And we promise, guys much prefer a timeless, simple, “clean-girl” makeup look over a super caked-on look.

Smile (Because You’re Happy, Not Because Someone Told You To)

Before you raise your eyebrows and exit this article, we’re not suggesting you walk around with a fake smile at any given moment. What we are suggesting is that something as simple as a smile has the power to take you from just another face in the crowd to a woman who’s undeniably attractive.

A genuine smile indicates that you’re kind, optimistic, and approachable. Even studies confirm that a smile instantly makes a woman more attractive. It suggests to everyone who sees you that they’ll walk away from an exchange with you feeling better rather than worse. And there’s nothing more attractive than that.

Find Out Your Body Type and Dress for It

Haven’t we all bought a pair of jeans after seeing a friend or a celebrity wearing a certain pair, only to slip them on and think, “Why don’t these look as good on me as they did on her?” More often than not, it’s because those jeans simply weren’t made for your body type.

Both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are widely considered to be some of the most iconic, beautiful women Hollywood has seen. But their body types couldn’t have been more different. Whether you’re a Marilyn, an Audrey, or something else entirely, there is a secret to dressing for your body’s unique shapes, angles, and proportions. Invest in just a few staples for your body type and bask in your newfound confidence.

Aim for Confidence and Elegance

You know those women who just have a certain je ne sais quoi? Who, as soon as she walks into a room, it’s as if there’s a spotlight on her, and everyone quiets and is instantly captivated by her presence? What is it about her that is so alluring?

She’s confident. Not in the sense that she demands to be the center of attention at all times or that she immediately voices any thought that comes into her mind. Instead, she’s quietly confident. She walks with her head held high and her shoulders back. She’s poised, elegant, classy, wise, and intelligent. She puts effort into making a good first impression. She believes that she’s beautiful and doesn’t make others feel like she’s desperate for validation.

Invest in a Fancy Perfume

It turns out that something you can’t even see can make you much more attractive. So if there’s one quick way to step up your attractiveness in mere seconds, it’s by graduating from that Bath & Body Works body spray you’ve been using since high school, to a fancy perfume – one fit for a woman rather than a teenager.

Studies link the pleasantness of a person’s scent to their perceived levels of attractiveness, making the way you smell on that first date pretty important. Spritz the inside of your wrists and elbows, around your neck and earlobes, and even at the backs of your knees to optimize your perfume’s scent.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Eye Contact

They don’t say that the eyes are the window to the soul for no reason. Making eye contact (especially when it’s prolonged) is one of the most intimate non-physical things we can do with someone. Research also suggests that holding eye contact causes others to find someone more physically attractive than someone with shifty eyes.

But there’s definitely an art to eye contact. We’ve all been on the receiving end of someone whose persistent gaze feels invasive and creepy. So what’s the secret? First, make sure that the other person is receptive to your eye contact. Allow your gaze to naturally shift between making and breaking eye contact every five to ten seconds rather than forcing yourself to hold it indefinitely.

Come Up with a Hygiene/Grooming Checklist

There are so many little details to remember when it comes to grooming that if you haven’t always made a habit of keeping up with it, it can be daunting to try to do it all. But a key aspect of attraction is being well-groomed and keeping good hygiene. You might even come up with a grooming checklist that you go through. We recommend coming up with a daily and weekly list. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Daily: Take a shower (even if you don’t wash your hair every day). Shave your underarms and your legs. Brush your teeth twice daily, using a brightening toothpaste. Wash your face twice daily; follow with toner, serum, moisturizer, oil, and (in the morning) sunscreen. Use lip balm. Apply any hair oils you like to use. Keep your nails clean and free of dirt underneath. Wear clean, fresh clothes (don’t reuse that top from yesterday). Spritz yourself with perfume. Fully remove your makeup every single night (no exceptions!).

Weekly: Trim your nails. Pluck your eyebrows (and maybe the hair on your chinny-chin-chin). Exfoliate your skin. Wax or bleach your mustache (yes, it’s noticeable). Do a brightening face mask. Use a moisturizing/repairing hair mask.

Closing Thoughts

Physical attractiveness isn’t all about having the “right” bone structure or the “best” waist-to-hip ratio. Implementing these tips and tricks will work wonders and up your attractiveness like nothing else.

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